Thursday, July 20, 2017

Boxcar Derby

For the past couple of years, Sean and Jackson have talked about building a soapbox derby car and racing it in the Steel Days soapbox derby. The minimum age requirement is 8, so this was the first year Jackson could participate. He was so excited! They spent the last couple of months planning, designing, and building his car. Jackson was involved throughout the entire process and I am so glad they could have this experience together! 

They spent a lot of hours in the garage together and I was really impressed with their design and how it all came together. There were two divisions-- stock, and the "anything goes." Jackson was in the stock division and his car had a bunch of specs it had to conform to and inspections it had to pass. I loved his car! And I love that they built it from the ground up-- it didn't come from a kit.

All lined up and ready to go for his first race!

Jackson didn't seem nervous at all. I was more nervous than he was, because the hill they race down is sort of steep! He did an awesome job racing. He listened and followed the lines Sean told him to almost exactly. The weight limit for the car is 300 lbs, and Jackson's was only about half that, so he was limited in his speed. Sean didn't want to weigh the car down this first year, but next year he probably will to help him gain more speed. 



I'm so proud of him for following through (with the help of his dad) on something he's been wanting to do for a long time. Way to go Ricks Racing! :) 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Fourth of July

The older I've gotten, the more I have grown to really love the Fourth of July. I love that it is a holiday that is relatively low stress-- no presents involved, usually warm weather, good food, etc. My family typically congregates together for the Fourth and Thanksgiving. It's one of the few times where most (sometimes all) of us get together. Usually a trip to the cabin with everyone happens either before or after the holiday, depending on what day the 4th falls. This year, we headed to Island Park the weekend before. 

While there, we took a hike to Whits Lakes. We did this same hike a few years back and we loved it this time also. So beautiful!

Loved these flowers!

Davis was awesome and hiked almost the entire way by himself without complaint! 

Upper Whits Lake

I was really hoping there would still be a lot of wild flowers in Island Park, and I was definitely not disappointed! So many fields just covered in all sort of colors and varieties!

These ones were really cool-- my dad told me they are called elephant trunks because when you zoom in and look close, that is exactly what they look like.

Our kids are always in heaven at the cabin and even more so when there are cousins to play with!

Bode was really into riding our little dirt bike and asked to go constantly.

These two were addicted to their cousin Adam's Nintendo Switch.

Getting ready for s'mores!

One of the little ponds we like to ride the four wheelers to had tons of tadpoles in it. The boys loved catching them and even saw a few frogs!

A lone buffalo we spotted on our way to Hebgen Lake

We headed back for Idaho Falls on the 3rd and had fun lighting off our own fireworks that night. This year's show even included a police officer showing up at the end and threatening to issue a ticket! :) Thankfully, we talked him down and he left just giving us a warning. 

Parade on the Fourth

Some cute pictures my sister-in-law Julie took

I took a million pictures of Molly because I thought she looked so cute in her Fourth of July outfit!

I really love this picture of her. 

Waiting for the big fireworks show! 

This year they moved the big Melaleuca show further down the river. The new set up was actually really awesome and you could see the whole show without obstruction. Down by the green belt it was sort of getting hard to find a spot where you could see everything because of the trees. The only downfall was leaving the show was sort of crazy and we had to wait in our cars forever. Hopefully they get those types of details ironed out for next year. I am always so proud of our little hometown having such an amazing fireworks show each year!