Sunday, March 11, 2018

Bantam basketball

This year we decided to delve into the world of Bantam basketball. It is the competitive league here in Utah. Jackson's team was all 3rd graders playing up a year since Bantam technically starts in 4th grade. Jackson continues to say basketball is his favorite sport, and really wanted to play, so we went with it. I had no idea what to expect, other than people told us to expect a lot of growth this first year, and to get creamed every game. :) 

I was so impressed with these boys! They started off the season a bit scared and nervous, and they did lose many games against the 4th grade teams by a long shot, but their progression over the season was amazing! These boys held their own and won their games against most of the other 3rd grade teams playing up. It was so much fun to see their confidence and abilities grow. 

Sean coached with his friend Garner, which was a lot of fun for Jackson. Garner's son, Garner Jr. or "G" as we call him, and Jackson have become great friends. I'm excited to see where the future takes these boys!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Playing in the cozy coupe

A couple of weeks ago on a fairly mild day for winter, Molly wanted to play outside for a bit and she was being so cute I decided to grab my camera. I'm glad I did because these pictures make me smile. I love this age.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Targhee and the cabin

About a month ago our family headed to Idaho for a ski trip to Targhee and the cabin. We invited our friends, the Grays, to come along and we had such a great weekend!

Sean and I grew up skiing at Targhee but it had been several years since we had been there. It is such an awesome place and I realized how much I miss it. Utah hasn't had much snow this year-- it finally picked up a little bit in the last two weeks, but before that, we hadn't had anything. We were really missing skiing, so we got the idea to take the older two boys to Targhee on our way up to the cabin. Targhee had plenty of snow! My parents kept Davis and Molly and met us at the cabin later. It was such a great set up! 

It was a snowy day, which gave us lots of fresh powder and fresh tracks at the beginning of the day! 

The boys loved Targhee and the snow was so awesome. It was so much fun being back and fun skiing with our friends! 

All that blowing snow made for a pretty awesome hairdo. 

I am so glad that Jackson and Bode both love to ski. I am excited for the day when our whole family can go!

After skiing, we headed to Island Park to the cabin. We spent the rest of the weekend there and enjoyed all of the snow. The kids had fun sledding behind the cars and building a snow fort.

Molly loved all of the snow and kept eating it. She got to ride in style on our walk in the sled grandpa bought her.

It was an awesome wintry weekend. We had so much fun we've already talked about going again next year!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Riley and Hunter's wedding

At the beginning of January we headed to St. George to attend our niece Riley's wedding. She was just a toddler when Sean and I first started dating and now here she is all grown up and married! It has been fun seeing her grow up and a little surreal to think she now has a family of her own. Hunter seems like a great guy and we wish them an eternity of happiness together. The ceremony itself was really beautiful-- one of my favorite I have attended. The sealer told us that every latter-day prophet except Joseph Smith had also been in that same room, which I thought was really neat. 

Riley was a beautiful bride. My favorite part of the reception was watching she and her dad have a father/daughter dance. It was one of the sweetest things I have seen and made me choke up. It made me put myself in Shane and Erin's shoes and imagine what it will feel like to have a child leaving the nest. 

It was a lot of fun because Sean's brothers that we very rarely see both traveled to St. George also. Steven and Sophie came from Virginia and it was the first time our kids had met Sophie. They hit it off right away and had a great time swimming and hanging out together.  Zach, Reeta, and Claire all came from Texas and it was great spending time with them as well. I wish these family get togethers could happen more!

John, Sean, and Steven

On our drive back home, we decided to stop at Toquerville Falls. We have wanted to see it for quite awhile and figured it was a great time since it was on the way. You have to do some fairly decent off-roading, but it was a lot of fun. Steven, Sophie, John and Sylvia came with us and we all crammed in Sean's car. 

The falls were really cool and it was definitely worth the drive!