Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Bode turns 7!

A couple days after celebrating Molly's birthday, we got to celebrate Bode turning 7! This kid looks forward to his birthday perhaps more than any of our kids. He woke up asking to open presents right away, so we let him open a few before school.  

Bo was very excited about his new electric Razor scooter and BB gun. I was actually a little nervous about the BB gun idea, but it has turned out to be so much fun. The entire family likes it!

New fishing pole from his grandma and grandpa and grandma. His nana and papa sent him a fishing vest and supplies to go along with it!

For his birthday party we just invited a bunch of his friends over and had a pizza and movie party. We just recently finished our basement and didn't have much furniture down there so it was perfect. I remember walking by the pile of shoes and jackets by the front door and feeling grateful that Bode has so many awesome friends to come celebrate with him. 

The three lone ladies holding their own with all those crazy boys!

I was totally cracking up at how Bode chose to lay at the 3 girls feet during the movie-- smart boy! ;)

The kids watched "Ferdinand" and we had snacks and glow sticks during the movie. At the end of the movie they started pretending they were bulls and we were very glad at that point we didn't have much in the basement yet!

Bode chose Tucano's for his birthday dinner the following night and requested his favorite chocolate bundt cake.

Bode's 7th birthday questionnaire:

He's our goofy, energetic, fun-loving, free-spirited kid. He's also a crazy athlete, and smart, sweet, and sensitive at the same time. Bode is an awesome brother who is always looking out for others-- especially for his little sister. Sean and I are really proud of him and the progress he's made in school this year-- especially with reading. He's always saying things (particularly in family prayers) that blow Sean and I away. Overall, he's just a really great kid and we're so happy he's a part of our family.

Finally, here are the pics we took to celebrate Bo turning seven! I basically just followed him around outside and made him stop and smile for me. :)

I actually really love this picture of him because it shows his personality so well. He was totally goofing around posing like this and teasing me for taking pictures of him.

Love you, Bo!!!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Molly turns 2!

After a nice, long break from what feels like back-to-back birthdays starting in the fall through winter, it was Molly and Davis's turn for birthdays!

It is still a little hard to believe Molly is two. She has grown into such a fun, happy little girl. She is still reserved with strangers in the beginning, but in general, is so silly and fun. She has a hilarious sense of humor. I really love spending time with her and she is at the stage where everything she says and does is so cute. 

Her dad bought her donuts for breakfast on her birthday and she dug right in!

I always say I love 2nd birthdays because you don't have to do a lot! I took Molly and Davis to Arctic Circle for lunch with some friends and they had a great time playing on the toys and getting ice cream.

That night we went to dinner to Chubby's as a family because Molly loves their macaroni and cheese. We came home and had cake and ice cream and she opened her presents.

She got a new Minnie Mouse puzzle, a boogie board drawing tablet, and a baby doll stroller she LOVES.

Molly is into Minnie Mouse and the show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so she was excited when she saw her cake. It was fun to have a girly cake this year! 

Molly's birthday questionnaire:

Other tidbits about Molly at two:
-Finally loves nursery after hating it for 5 months
-Stats: height: 37" (99.5%), weight: 29.5 lbs (82%)
-Wearing 3T clothing even though she just turned 2!
-Loves animals, especially dogs
-Walks around on her toes
-Is starting to get cute little curls in her hair
-Very girly and loves makeup, accessories, jackets, etc.
-Already has an opinion on what she wants to wear
-Loves her baby dolls and plays with them most out of all of her toys
-Loves going places. Loves putting on shoes because she thinks we are going somewhere!

Lastly, here are some pictures we took to celebrate her turning two years old!

Molly is such a joy and we are so lucky to have her in our family!