Sunday, February 4, 2018

Riley and Hunter's wedding

At the beginning of January we headed to St. George to attend our niece Riley's wedding. She was just a toddler when Sean and I first started dating and now here she is all grown up and married! It has been fun seeing her grow up and a little surreal to think she now has a family of her own. Hunter seems like a great guy and we wish them an eternity of happiness together. The ceremony itself was really beautiful-- one of my favorite I have attended. The sealer told us that every latter-day prophet except Joseph Smith had also been in that same room, which I thought was really neat. 

Riley was a beautiful bride. My favorite part of the reception was watching she and her dad have a father/daughter dance. It was one of the sweetest things I have seen and made me choke up. It made me put myself in Shane and Erin's shoes and imagine what it will feel like to have a child leaving the nest. 

It was a lot of fun because Sean's brothers that we very rarely see both traveled to St. George also. Steven and Sophie came from Virginia and it was the first time our kids had met Sophie. They hit it off right away and had a great time swimming and hanging out together.  Zach, Reeta, and Claire all came from Texas and it was great spending time with them as well. I wish these family get togethers could happen more!

John, Sean, and Steven

On our drive back home, we decided to stop at Toquerville Falls. We have wanted to see it for quite awhile and figured it was a great time since it was on the way. You have to do some fairly decent off-roading, but it was a lot of fun. Steven, Sophie, John and Sylvia came with us and we all crammed in Sean's car. 

The falls were really cool and it was definitely worth the drive!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Jackson turns 9!

Since we were up at our friends' cabin for Jackson's birthday, we told him he could have a "party" when we got back. I presented the idea of taking a few friends to pizza and a movie, and he loved the idea.

We went to Pieology and each boy got to customize his own pizza. They were all so excited to get their own with whatever they wanted on it!

After pizza we headed to the movie theater and saw Paddington 2. Jackson asked specifically to go to the American Fork Cinemark so we could have the "luxury recliner" seats. Again, the boys were all so excited. I got them a few big popcorns to share and the movie was really cute. Sean stayed home with Molly and Davis and I felt lucky I got to be the one to go and have so many cute dates!

Jackson is a great kid and we are so glad he is our first. He takes the role of big brother seriously and is a big help to us. We also feel very fortunate to live in a neighborhood where he has made some really great friends and we are glad some of them could come help celebrate him turning 9!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Jackson: A year in photos age 8-9

Here is my annual birthday installment of my favorite pictures of Jackson from the past year. He's grown up on me a lot this year. He keeps getting taller and I tease him all the time I need to fatten him up! We are so lucky to have him in our family. 

Some highlights from his year:
-Started cub scouts
-Was baptized and confirmed a member of the church
-Took trips to Hawaii, Glacier National Park, Goblin Valley, Jackson Hole, Island Park
-Played baseball, basketball, flag football, continued skiing, ran AF Canyon kids run
-Discovered he loves shrimp (after eating at Giovanni's on Oahu)
-Built and raced a soapbox derby car
-Saw an eclipse in totality
-3rd year of piano lessons
-Started 3rd grade

Birthday questionnaire:

Other notes about Jackson:
-Still loves reading and reads in bed every night. Sometimes I have to tell him to quit reading so much and go play!
-Loves Star Wars
-Says basketball is his favorite sport and is enjoying playing on a Bantam team this year
-Doesn't like being teased about girls :)
-Loves playing with his friends and they all seem to be obsessed with video games 
-Almost always eats a toasted bagel with Nutella for breakfast
-Wears a size 6 shoe and we have to size up in shirts and pants for height
-Favorite foods/restaurants: Cafe rio steak burrito (which he can finish sometimes!), shrimp, fried rice, french dip sandwiches, chicken noodle soup, clementines

Finally, here are my favorite pictures of Jackson from the past year!



Cedar Breaks

Meeting Dr. Blauer (our fertility doctor who helped us with IVF to get Jackson)

Last day of 2nd grade

Father and sons campout

Piano recital

BYU football camp (pictured with Coach Sitake)

Jackson Hole

All Stars baseball tournament (his team took 2nd place)

AF Canyon kids run

Soapbox derby

Glacier National Park trip

First day of 3rd grade

Goblin Valley

Hike to Timp Cave

3rd grade picture

Family pictures