Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bode's big first day

Bode's been asking for months when he gets to go to school. It was hard for him when Jackson got to start a week earlier, but his big day finally arrived!

He was SO excited. I could tell he was a little hesitant right as I was dropping him off, but he stayed calm and jumped right in. He loved his first day, and now he wishes he had school every day. He also loves that he gets to go with his best friend (who happens to live next door), and they are just having the best time.

As with Jackson, I wanted to take a few pictures to remember his first day.

Never lacking in personality :)

Gosh, he's handsome. I love this kid so much.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Davis: 9 months

This handsome little guy is now 9 months old!

I have pictures of the other boys around the same age, so I wanted to take some of Davis. I love this age so much.

I LOVE this one.

My favorite part about this picture is his cheeks resting on his shoulders :)

Davis at 9 months:
-Gives mama kisses all the time but refuses to kiss his daddy (I suspect it is due to his face being a bit rough)
-Babbles a lot and says "dada" all the time, but has yet to say "mama"
-30" long and weighs just over 23 lbs
-Wearing 12 month clothing
-Loves to eat and gets impatient if you don't feed him fast enough!
-More comfortable on his stomach and getting closer to crawling
-No trouble sitting up for long periods of time
-Loves the jumper we hang from the door
-Loves snuggling and pulls your face close to his
-Still fascinated by lights and ceiling fans
-Has two little bottom teeth
-Grabs at everything
-Loves baths
-Loves his big brothers

Strange to think in less than three months, it will be Thanksgiving and he'll be turning one!