Friday, January 8, 2016

Jackson turns 7!

Our New Year's boy is now 7 years old! We had a great day celebrating him. 

When we woke up, we were excited to look out the window and see a bunch of hot air balloons flying behind our house. We see them once in awhile during the summer, but hadn't seen them in a long time, and never five at once (even though there are only three in this picture).  

What was even more cool was when one of the balloons landed in the field right behind our house! They landed close enough that we could wave and yell "Happy New Year!" to each other. It felt like it was a special birthday surprise just for Jackson. His birthday balloons this year were the hot air kind, I guess :)

I was one grateful mama when Jackson decided he wanted his birthday party to be at Lowe's Airports. I think throwing a birthday party for a bunch of rowdy 6 and 7 year olds might have done me in. He and his friends had a great time jumping around and they all seemed to really love the ninja warrior course.

After the party, we went to dinner as a family to Jackson's choice, Tucano's. The boys all love that place and it was so nice having a night off from cooking. We surprised Jackson after dinner by taking him to Build-A-Bear (we told him Sean had to grab something at the mall really quick). We've always told him how he got a gift card to Build-A-Bear when he was born, but somehow it got lost and we've never found it. This was redemption I guess :) He loved it and picked out Chewbacca.

Then it was back to home for presents and cake and ice cream! 

He got some great gifts this year, including a model engine he is building with his dad, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid", which he has already finished reading, a basketball from his grandparents, Legos from nana and papa, and a bunch of Nike gear he is pretty excited about. 

I'll forever be grateful for this boy. He truly is such a good kid and such a blessing in our home. I honestly think he is one of the very best people I know (young or old). 

A year in pictures: Jackson, age 6-7

As part of celebrating Jackson's recent birthday, here is the latest in my annual installment of my favorite photos and events of his from the last year! I am hoping these will serve as a sort of digital scrapbook and will be something the kids can look back on and enjoy. It's always fun and a little bittersweet seeing how much they change in a year!

Your cousins downloaded an app that makes you look heavy and we all thought your picture was hilarious!


Your favorite vegetable, grown in our very own garden.

Your first race: a 1-miler, and you did awesome!

Fourth of July

Hike to Whit's Lake

24th of July bike parade in American Fork

On the trail to Cecret Lake

Firehole and first time in the rapids!

Car obsessed!

Mastering learning to tie your own shoes

A nearly undefeated season. You guys only lost 1 game!

Snow Canyon

When you tried your Halloween costume on for the first time, we all couldn't stop laughing!

Trip to Colorado Springs

Riding the cog railroad to the top of Pike's Peak

North Pole, Colorado

First season of flag football

Awesome basketball season with your dad as coach.