Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bode turns 4!

The day Bode had been looking forward to for what seems like months and months finally arrived! My parents happened to be in town the day before his birthday, so we decided to do a family barbecue and have cake together.

This year Bode wanted a Hot Wheels cake. He really is obsessed with them and I think we have probably have hundreds of them throughout our house. I've decided I really like the decorating the cake part, just not the making and frosting the cake part so much. I enlisted the help of Costco for the first few steps, and then I just got to do the fun part! :)

I thought it turned out really cute!

Bode loved it, so I was happy. 

I loved his big grin when we were singing to him. 

Davis also enjoyed the cake :)

The next morning he was excited to go to school and take treats to his class (Mike & Ikes). He came home wearing a birthday crown and was so excited for his birthday party.

This year we did his party at Lowe's Airsports in Provo. Our boys love that place and I loved not having to plan a party at home!

Sean got in on the fun, too :)

Cupcakes! The kids had fun picking out their favorite.

Everyone seemed to have a blast. I am a big fan of birthday parties that let the kids just run and jump around to their little heart's content.

We sent the kids home with one of these little goodie bags. I found the printable on Pinterest and they worked great!

After the party Bode chose Pizza Pie Cafe for dinner.  Then it was home to play with his new presents before bed. He was pretty excited about all of the cool Hot Wheels stuff he got from both sets of grandparents and this Iron Man suit from his cousins.  He also got some cool new glow-in-the-dark shoes and a big Hot Wheels storage truck from Sean and I, and a bunch of really nice gifts from his friends. 

He had a really great day and I am so glad!

4-year-old questionnaire:

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bode: My favorite pictures ages 3-4

With Bode having just turned 4, here is the latest annual installment of my favorite photos of him from the past year. This was a big year for him-- he started preschool, became a sunbeam, learned how to ride a bike, etc. He's grown up so much!

In the best order I can remember:

Look closely at Bo in the back, right corner :)


Some notes on Bode at 4 years old:
-Tells me several times a day, "I love you mom."
-Can ride a bike without training wheels
-Writes his own name and knows most of his letters
-Wears a size 11 shoe
-Loves preschool and primary
-Loves HotWheels
-Favorite shows: Paw Patrol, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Miles from TomorrowLand
-Can be stubborn but is also very sweet
-Always quick to share
-Loves bubblegum
-Asks if he can wear shorts every single day, no matter the weather
-Always wants a ride on dad's back before getting into bed
-Will usually eat his vegetables and dinner if we tell him it will "make you run really fast." He then runs from one house to the other and asks us to watch how fast he is.