Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mini fall break vacation

The older two boys had fall break last week, so we decided to take a mini vacation to Park City for just one night. It was a quick trip, but was a lot of fun and a nice change of scenery. I sometimes like over-nighters just because they are so much easier when it comes to packing for everyone!

The day we arrived was the final day the Alpine Slide was open, so we did that first.

Jackson, Bo, and I went up first. Riding the chairlift made us excited for skiing!

At the top and walking to the slide. Jackson had to do the grunt work while Bode seemed to enjoy dancing and "dabbing" as I am told it is called ;) These pictures crack me up. 

Jackson rode solo. I was proud of him because I think he was a bit nervous. I'm glad we had already gone down BEFORE we saw a guy flying down and flipping out of his sled!

Bo and I at the top!

Waiting for Sean and Davis to go down. Loving her cute little hat my friend knitted for her.

That night we tried a new restaurant in Park City called Sammy's that was on 'Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives' and it was really good! The rest of the night we spent swimming and watching 'Hocus Pocus.' 

One of the best parts of our little trip was the fact that every single one of us slept in until 9:30 the next morning. It was like a miracle. I don't know if it was the blackout curtains or what, but it was amazing! So glad we decided to go!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Molly 6 months

Well, somehow Molly is another month older and here we are at 6 months! She's continues to keep growing up on us, but I love this age so much, it makes it more sweet than bitter.

This month:
-Started eating more solid foods. Loves sweet potatoes and bananas.
-Doing better at napping and will often fall asleep on her own instead of having to be rocked to sleep.
-Loves holding on to her toes and putting everything in her mouth.
-Enjoys playing with little toys and rattles.
-More vocal and chattering a little bit more.

Molly jumped up in her height percentage since her last visit-- that's our girl! :)

My favorite pictures this month:

Oh, I love my squishy babies!

Laying on a warm pile of laundry:

Photos from our little 6-month photo shoot:

I think she looks so sweet in this one.

I realize the next several are basically the same picture, but each of her expressions were so cute, it was impossible for me to take any out.

Toes taste good :)

One of my favorites, ever.

I just really love her eyes in these close ups!