Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bode's birth announcement

The image quality isn't the best since this is a scanned in copy, but I thought these turned out so cute. Whenever I look at it I want to give those big cheeks a kiss! Thanks to my friend Ashley who did a great job taking the pictures! Her site:

Monday, May 16, 2011

The grad!

It was a big weekend for our family with Sean graduating from law school at the University of Utah on Friday!
When I saw him all dressed up in his regalia I had to try really hard to hold it together! I am so proud of him for this huge achievement. I know it wasn't easy, but for those of you who know Sean well, you know he is awesome at keeping things low-stress. Despite working and going to school, he somehow always managed to find time for us too.
Sean's parents flew in all the way from North Carolina for his graduation. We hadn't seen them since Christmas and it was so good to have them there!
My parents also came to support the new grad!
I was worried about how the boys would do during the 2-hour ceremony, but thankfully they were well-behaved. I took Bode out in the hallway near the end and it took quite a few snacks to keep Jackson occupied, but we made it!

Several of the speakers mentioned the bad economy and how many of the graduating class did not have a job lined up (before trying to bolster them up by talking about overcoming the odds, etc.). Sitting there, I kept thinking about how grateful I was that Sean not only has a job, but one he loves. We are really lucky.
It is strange thinking of life without school. Either one or both of us has been in school our entire seven years of marriage (not including summer). I remember when we were first married thinking about how long the road to the end of school seemed, and yet, here we are.

Congrats to you, Sean, for a job well done! We are SO proud of you!

Monday, May 9, 2011

First real haircut!

Jackson got his first real haircut last week! I have cut it several times at home, but I figured it was time to take him to someone who actually knew what they were doing. For a long time I think his curls masked my cutting attempts pretty well, but recently it was getting to the point where his hair was reminding me of an old lady's "poof" mixed with a slight mullet. No bueno. I was really nervous about taking him because I was afraid they would cut too much off-- I love his shaggy curls and am not ready to part with them any time soon!

I took him to Cookie Cutters in American Fork and I'll tell you what, he thought he hit the jackpot. He got to pick his chair (the airplane), pick his DVD (Mickey Mouse), and they gave him a balloon and sucker at the end. I think he would get his hair cut every day now if he had a choice.

Handsome little devil :)

And just for kicks I'm throwing in a couple of recent pictures of Bode!
Another handsome little guy :)

Love all of my boys (Sean included!)-- and grateful to them for making my Mother's Day so great!