Thursday, June 13, 2013


There will be a fifth member of our family joining us around the Thanksgiving table this year! I'm due in early December, but if I am induced early like I was with Jackson and Bode, he/she will likely be arriving the week before Thanksgiving. We are so happy and excited!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

pre-school graduation

Jackson finished his first year of preschool at the end of May. He LOVED going to school, and he had some great teachers, Miss Kellie, and Miss Havilah. 

It was fun watching him progress throughout the school year-- learning letters, how to write his name, etc. He always came home with some sort of project he'd been working on and it was cool seeing how excited he was about everything. 

Sean, Bode and I went to his graduation program and it was really cute. The kids danced and sang and showed off some of the things they had learned. Jackson and his friend spent their time goofing off at the beginning while waiting for the program to start :)

So grateful for this handsome guy.