Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Molly 2 months

Molly is more than two months old now! In some ways I can't believe it, and in others, it seems like a long time ago I was at the hospital. 

She is doing great and is so loved by all of us. Her brothers adore her and come looking for her first thing when they wake up. I am constantly telling them to leave her alone when she is sleeping! :) She started smiling and cooing, and is very sweet. She loves being held, and is almost always happy and easy to smile when you hold her. She doesn't love her swing or being put down to entertain herself much yet. I'm having to re-learn how to do everything with one arm again ;) She's doing great sleeping and will usually sleep one long stretch of about 6 hours after I put her to bed and then wake up to eat once in the middle of the night. She seems to be "growing like a Ricks" and has jumped up the charts. I am so grateful since we struggled getting her to gain weight that first week after she was born. She's definitely doing just fine now and even her pediatrician was impressed :)

In an effort to keep my hundreds of photos somewhat organized, I'm posting my favorite pictures of her month by month for this first year (at least this is my goal). Almost all are just from my cell phone. I'm finding having four kids keeps me pretty dang busy and the nice camera doesn't make it out very often! 

Here are my favorites from the last month.

Sean and I couldn't stop laughing at this Snap Chat filter we were playing with one night!

Smiling at grandma

Her stats from her 2-month check up:

Friday, June 24, 2016

Molly's blessing

Molly was blessed not quite two weeks ago, on June 12, during our ward's sacrament meeting. We were fortunate enough to have both mine and Sean's parents here, as well as some of our siblings and their families. We are so grateful to them for coming!

It turned out to be a beautiful day and I was so glad. A big storm had rolled through the day before, but Sunday morning we woke up to the sunny skies.

I love this picture of these two before church.

She looked so beautiful in her dress!

I always thought if I had a little girl, it would be really cool to make her blessing dress. Not really knowing how to do it, I called up my sister-in-law to see if she would be willing to help me sew one, and thankfully, she said yes! My mother-in-law was also in town, so I got to enlist her help also. It was a bit daunting finding just the right fabric, but I ended up finding the silk after several trips to the fabric store, and the lace came all the way from Singapore! It was such a fun weekend in Idaho Falls working on the dress together, and I am so grateful for their help. I absolutely love it. It turned out so beautiful and I love that I will be able to tell Molly her dress was made by her mom, aunt, and nana.

She looked so peaceful on my lap before the blessing. She woke up right as Sean took her up, but she stayed calm and didn't make a peep during the prayer. It was a beautiful blessing.

Getting some attention from her cousin Piper-- one of her biggest fans :)

Family picture at the church


I love how she is smiling at my mom :)

I took a million pictures of Molly in her dress. I knew once we took it off, she likely wouldn't be putting it back on, and I just wanted to make sure I had plenty of pictures to help me remember how beautiful she was. I kept her in her dress for quite awhile after church just because I couldn't bear to take it off!

Thankful for this girl and her special day.