Sunday, September 23, 2012

Family camping trip

We have been wanting to take the boys camping for a long time and finally took a little overnight camping trip this past weekend. We went up American Fork Canyon and camped at Mutual Dell. We love it there. It is so nice because the camp sites are well taken care of and free! Each spot has a nice fire pit and picnic table and there are bathrooms with running water nearby :)

Getting the fire going for dinner

Hot dogs for the boys, tinfoil dinners for the old folks.

Dinner was followed by roasted marshmallows and a little walk down to the field for some star gazing. Bode kept pointing to the sky saying, "Wow!"

To our relief, both boys slept like rocks. They were SO excited to be in the tent. I woke up sort of cold at one point, and Sean had Bode wiggling around him, but we figure we can handle most anything for one night. Sean revealed to me in the morning that I did not have my outer shell zipped up on my sleeping bag-- oops. We all laughed when Bode woke up because when he realized he was still in the tent, he started jumping up and down and was grinning ear to ear.

The sunrise was beautiful, and I loved this little tree in our camp spot. 

After breakfast over the fire, we packed up camp and took a little nature walk. The colors were gorgeous!

As we were walking we heard some shuffling, grunting, and saw bushes and trees moving. We froze and were surprised when this guy walked out right behind us:

While I was very glad it was not a bear, I was still pretty concerned because I know moose will charge and this one was huge. Luckily, he just grumbled along and we got around him just fine.
Jackson is already asking when we can go again, so we're chalking this trip up as a success!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Chokecherries and Labor Day weekend

Over Labor Day weekend, the boys and I headed up to Island Park with my parents. Sean was out of town for work, and I didn't want to spend the weekend alone!

We spent most of Saturday afternoon picking chokecherries. I had actually never been chokecherry picking-- I just knew I LOVE the syrup. When I found out they were "on," I asked my parents if they were interested in trying to find some. With the help of my aunt and uncle, we were successful in finding several chokecherry bushes.

Some of the last ones we found were LOADED with chokecherries. My mom and dad (who have been picking before) couldn't believe how many there were.

Jackson loved helping and didn't complain even though we were picking for a few hours!

We ended up picking about 6 gallons of chokecherries. We split them up and both my mom and I made chokecherry syrup.

I am very excited for pancakes!

A few other pictures from the weekend:


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jackson's first day of preschool

The big day finally arrived and Jackson was up and ready to go at 7am (school starts at 10am)! He has been so excited to start preschool and picked out a new Spiderman backpack last week. He was slightly concerned when I told him he couldn't pack it full of toys to take to school, but luckily he got over it pretty quickly when I told him there would be toys there. 

Naturally, I made him let me take a few pictures of his big first day!


His first day went off without a hitch and I am really proud of him. It was a little bittersweet dropping him off, but I held it together pretty well :) He's already singing new songs he's learned and bringing home all sorts of cool stuff he's made. So excited for him and looking forward to a good year!