Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Day weekend 2014

Our original Memorial Day weekend plan was to head to Island Park and go to the cabin. Unfortunately, Davis had been battling a cold, double eye infection, and double ear infection, and we didn't want to risk taking him on a long trip and have him get worse. He'd been on antibiotics, and by the time the weekend rolled around he was doing quite a bit better, so we decided to spend a night at Deer Valley instead. We rented a condo and it was so much fun!

A rare family picture!

There was a hiking trail nearby and we took a short little hike with the boys. 

The views were so pretty! 

After our hike, my sister and her family met up with us and the kids had fun in the hot tub.

We headed in to Park City for dinner and then hung out at the condo the rest of the night. It was chilly that night, so Sean lit a fire in the fireplace. We popped popcorn, ate some Ben & Jerry's and the boys watched the Lego Movie together. It was a relaxing and a fun little get away that didn't require a lot of preparation or work.

We headed home the next morning and enjoyed a BBQ with the Knights later in the day. Our entertainment that night was shooting rockets off at a nearby school-- it was awesome until our rocket got stuck at the top of a tree! ;)

On Monday Sean and I made a deal. He got to go ride his dirt bike in the morning and I got to go shopping for some new summer clothes in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, the kids enjoyed the warm weather and spent all day playing on our neighbor's Slip 'n Slide and in our inflatable pool.

I'm glad that even though our plans changed it ended up being a really great weekend!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Father and sons campout

Our ward had its father/sons campout a few weeks ago, and Jackson and Bode were SO excited. Mommy was excited, too! ;)

Getting ready to roast some marshmallows.

When Sean sent me this picture, I just laughed. I guess they were in the dark tent and the flash blinded them all.

Waking up the next morning

Breakfast with buddies!

Seeing as so many of the dads were gone for the night, some ward friends and I decided to have a girls night and went to Black Sheep Cafe in Provo for dinner. It was a lot of fun, and the food was awesome!

It was fun having Davis as a sidekick, and I loved getting to spend some time with just him that night. 

The house was awfully quiet, and I was happy to see the rest of the boys the next morning. I heard nothing but glowing reviews and they are already asking when they can go again!