Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter/Anniversary!

Our 7th anniversary happened to fall on Easter this year. With a new baby and Sean in finals, we decided to keep this anniversary low key. We had a great day just hanging out together and had a yummy Easter dinner at my sister's house. Thanks to my friend Heidi who volunteered to babysit, Sean and I were able to go out to Tucanos for dinner last night (we took Bode with us and he slept the entire time). Seven great years together so far, and many many more to come!

Last week we were invited to an Easter egg hunt. It was one of my first solo outings with the boys, and I am happy to report it went well! Jackson has been obsessed with plastic Easter eggs this year, so I knew he would love it. It was funny because as soon as he found an egg he would open it and start eating the candy before looking for another one. :)

Belle, Ashton and Jackson after the egg hunt
Jackson wasn't so sure about the Easter bunny...
Face painting!

We dyed Easter eggs last weekend.

My sweet boys

I told Jackson he had Shrek hands from the dye (which happened to be on tv while we were coloring the eggs)

Easter morning
The "Easter Rabbit" (as Jackson calls him) came!
And there was even a little basket for Bode--comprised of gifts from other bunnies ;)
Candy and eggs aside, we are so grateful for our Savior and His example and sacrifice.

We hope everyone had a happy Easter and happy anniversary to us!

A small mishap

While at the hospital after having Bode, Jackson had a minor incident. My mom said she heard him running down the hall and then heard a big thump. When she ran to get him, she found this:

Notice the hole in the door on the bottom right.

Wonder how he managed to punch a hole through our door?
Why, with his forehead, of course!

We're guessing he must have tripped and hit the door with his head. Though our doors are not high end, we were all quite impressed that he managed to punch a hole through it. Also impressive that his scratches were in a nearly perfect circle.

Jackson has been enjoying telling people what happened to his forehead when they ask. He shows them our door like it is a badge of honor. Glad he can smile about it. Funny kid!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Introducing the newest member of our family!

Bode McEwen Ricks

Born April 13 at 1:03 pm at 36 weeks and 6 days! Weight: 7 lbs, 12 oz. Height: 19 inches.

We are so happy this little guy is here! He is doing awesome and is so strong! I was thinking we might have another baby in the NICU, but not so! He came out breathing just fine on his own and took to nursing like a pro! We think he is so handsome and are so proud of him :)

We decided to name him Bode (pronounced bo-dee) basically because we both just really like it. I love "Bo" too and liked that it would work as a nickname. McEwen is Sean's middle name (and his mother's maiden name) and I have always loved it. We thought it sounded good with Bode, so it stuck. :)

Here's the short and sweet labor story if you are interested-- Last Monday I went back to the hospital and got my routine blood testing done. My blood platelets came back low again and they were getting low enough that if they went down much more I would not be able to have an epidural. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and we discussed options. I was originally scheduled to be induced tomorrow (the 19th) but the doctor was nervous that my platelets would go down again and I could get sick. I was not crazy about the idea of not getting an epidural. After much discussion, we decided it would be best to induce me the following day. I was just shy of 37 weeks. Both Sean and I felt at peace with the decision and it was nice to finally have some sort of plan!

Final belly shot in the hospital before being induced:
The labor was honestly a dream come true. I was given the pitocin a little after 8 am and Bode was born at 1:03 pm. I got the epidural around 10:00 and was dilated to a 4. By 12:30 pm I was at a 10. I could have delivered then, but they actually told me not to push and to try and hold off because I was supposed to have the antibiotic they had given me in my system for four hours. At 1 pm I started pushing and Bode was here 3 minutes later. Pretty much the easiest thing ever. I almost started laughing because I just couldn't believe it could be that easy!

Just after Bode was born:

Back in the mother/baby room:

So far Jackson has been a great big brother. No poking eyes out or major tantrums... yet! ;) He is protective of "baby Bode" and gives him lots of love.

Ready to go home!

A few pics with his eyes open!

He has two dimples just like Jackson:

We feel so blessed he is here safe and sound and that he is doing so well! We're having a great time cuddling him and kissing his chubby cheeks. I forgot how much I love newborns. I love the way they smell and how soft they are. I love the little sounds they make and their total dependence on you.

The hospital offered a photographer to take pictures of Bode while we were there. I wasn't expecting much, but when I saw the pictures they took, I ended up buying the cd because there were a few shots I ended up loving. I didn't really have professional pictures taken of Jackson until he was 7 or 8 weeks old, which is what I plan to do with Bode, but I thought it would be fun to have some really newborn ones. Here are my favorites of the ones they took:

B&W version

Welcome to our family, kiddo! :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Another update

Went to the hospital this morning for another round of blood tests. My liver enzymes went down, meaning I will not be induced today! :) I am very excited to meet this guy, but so glad for the extra time. Grateful more prayers have been answered.

I will be 37 weeks next Thursday, so we'll see how close we can get!

Friday, April 1, 2011

8 months and an update

Well we weren't sure we were going to make it to 8 months, but I am so glad we did!

My blood tests and 24-hr. protein test came back Monday and for the most part the results were good. My blood platelets and protein came back much improved and well within normal range. The doctor said he's never really seen such a turn around and joked I would be the big topic at their next conference. He's pretty sure preeclampsia is not an issue at this point. My liver function test did come back elevated, but this is common with people who have cholestasis. I went in again Thursday for another round of testing. Again, blood platelets were great, but liver function went up again. Blood pressure is still good.

So the plan as of today is to get retested again Monday. If my liver function goes up yet again, my doctor said he thinks it will be time to induce. If the level gets better or plateaus, we will continue the waiting game and retesting every few days up until 37 weeks. On Monday I will be 35 1/2 weeks along. Still early, but it sure sounds a lot better than 33 weeks did! And though I am trying to prepare myself for a possible delivery Monday, I keep reminding myself that the labs could totally reverse in our favor again. Obviously I am hoping to keep him in the oven as long as possible, but I am feeling confident this little guy is going to be born when the time is right, whenever that is. We'll still take any prayers anyone wants to send our way! :)

I did go in for an ultrasound Wednesday to see how the baby is measuring. When I got home from the hospital and weighed myself, I was pretty surprised to find out I had lost five pounds. The doctor measured my stomach and I measured fine, but he ordered an ultrasound just to be sure. The ultrasound went great and following in the footsteps of his big brother, the baby is actually measuring 2 weeks early. Not sure if my weight loss was due to stress, water retention, hospital food, or a combo, but I am using it as my excuse to eat whatever I want until I deliver!

Here is a cute face shot the ultrasound technician got:

Looks a lot like Jackson I think. Same nose and lips :) Pretty excited to meet this guy!