Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Channeling my inner Martha

I am the proud owner of a new sewing machine. It all started when my friend Heidi took me to this cute fabric shop called the Quilting Cottage in American Fork. They actually had cute fabric that didn't look like your grandma's curtains. All of the sudden I had all of these ideas burning through my skull (Orange County) and my inner seamstress was awoken! And no, my big plans did not involve making prairie dresses. I decided to start with something simple-- baby blankets. I made this one for my friend Kristol who is having a little boy next month:

And this one for my friend Cecily who is having a little girl:

I warned them not to look at the edges too closely because really I had no idea what I was doing. I probably looked hilarious in the fabric store. I carried the entire bolt of fabric up to the cash register at JoAnn's on one occasion (forgetting to get it cut at the "special cutting counter") and the cashier looked at me like I was SO lame. I also received the same look when I asked the lady at the cutting counter how many feet were in a yard. Should I know this? Yes. But you know what, I don't measure in yards very often (never) so I figured it didn't hurt to ask. Those hard-core seamstresses are in a club all their own!

Anyway, my blankets were far from perfect but will hopefully get the job done :) My next project is going to be a bit more ambitious. I'm going to be making a quilt for Jackson from this book which has the cutest patterns I have ever seen. I have high hopes, so if it turns out I'll post a picture when I finish.

Other future projects:
Pillow cases in fun/funky fabric for my bistro set on my patio
Diaper bag
Christmas stockings patterned after some I fell in love with from Crate &Barrel last year
Table runner for my entry table

If any of you who know how to sew have suggestions on stuff you like to make or know where some good fabric stores are, let me know!


Bridget Raleigh said...

Hello those are super cute blankets. Nice work! I wish I was crafty.

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

As of January, I am also the proud owner of a new sewing machine also, but sadly I still barely know how to use it. I am very proud of you for being so ambitious! I hope to jump on the bandwagon soon. Keep posting your successes and maybe I'll get some sewing confidence ;)

KarenWaite said...

Yay!!! Great job. I love those blankies...and those are such cute fabrics!

Mark and Lachelle said...

Martha Stewart is right!! Sadly, I am still learning how to sew on a button! I wish I knew how to sew! You'll have to teach me...because it's really quite pathetic how bad I am at sewing. I spend more time undoing my mistakes, when I sew.

Beth said...

The blankets turned out really cute. There is a fabris store on center street in downtown Provo that has really chic modern prints. You should check it out sometime. Good luck with your quilt!

Julie said...

Soo cute! You will have to show me the quilt your working on when I visit home. How is your Garden coming along? I wanna see that too :)

Ryan and Cecily said...

I LOVE the blanket you made for my baby girl! It's so soft and I know she's gonna love it! The one you made for the little boy is cute too! Just watch out, it's an expensive hobby! :)...totally worth it!

Rachel said...

Oh Jenny I am dying reading this because everytime I go and get fabric I ask questions and look like a total tard. Better yet I seem to ask the same lady the same question when I go in to JoAnns no joke! I am making a major queit book right now for the kiddlets and let me tell you it is a project but I am learning all sorts of things like how to put in zippers, and velcro, and how to use the fancy button stich on my 1970's machine.

Rachel said...

Oh and your blankets are oh so cute and when I have a baby not for a while yet sign me up for an amazing blanket done by you! :)

Mandie said...

This is so fun that you are making all of these fun projects. I want to make some baby blankets! You could teach me to do the bindin??!!??
You could do some cute burp rags with your left over scraps and cloth diapers. FUN FUN!