Thursday, October 1, 2009

9 months

Our little guy is 9 months old today!

A good shot of his growing curly fro
New favorite place to sit
Watching his favorite TV show: "My Friends Tigger & Pooh"
Loves mini Tootsie-Pop suckers (good thing since Sean bought an ENORMOUS bag for Halloween three years ago!)

Here are some things going on with Jackson right now:
-His four top teeth are all coming in
-Has lots of blonde, curly hair (in case you are wondering where the blonde comes from, Sean was a blondie when he was young too)
-Says "mama" and knows what it means
-Jabbers all the time and seems to carry on lengthy conversations with himself
-Loves books and turning the pages back and forth
-Crawls all over Sean and I, but when we put him on the floor he isn't interested and prefers rolling around
-Loves pictures-- especially of himself :)
-Wears 18-month clothing
-In a new carseat since he outgrew the old one
-Loves cars and trucks-- both real and toys. Every Tuesday we stand on the balcony to watch the garbage truck and he is fascinated
-Is still putting anything and everything in his mouth and loves sucking out of a straw
-Likes to sit in the bathroom sink
-Loves to go through the Sunday paper ads with me. I give him the ones I am done looking through and he tears them to shreds.He would seriously be happy doing this for hours
-Will eat green beans and dill pickles without any hesitation, but gets a funny face with applesauce
-Finally taking two naps a day regularly! They are usually only about 45 mins to an hour each, but it seems to be all he needs since he's usually a happy camper
-Is getting clingy and often gets upset when Sean or I are not right near him
-Loves clocks and ceiling fans
-Is trying to teach himself how to whistle and was successful for a few short breaths this morning ;)
I can't believe in three months he will already be a year old! Where did time go?


Cecily said...

He's SOOO adorable Jenny! I loved seeing him the other night, and he was just so cute. I love how he sucks on the suckers. Very cute! Great post!

Beth said...

I love his curly hair. I like "my friends tigger and pooh" too, I watch it just about every morning. Time goes by so fast...take lots of pictures!

Bridget Raleigh said...

Oh my gosh he is darling! I cannot believe he is nine months old. Where does the time go.

Janelle Marks said...

Jenny, Jackson is getting so big!! Oh my goodness he is so adorable! It looks like you guys are doing great, I'm glad. We need to catch up sometime, time goes by so fast!

Heidi said...

I love him!