Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Happy Mother's Day

Sean and I have two of the best moms in the world and we are so grateful for them! I am so glad I have a mom who is such a great example and friend and taught me to love things like cooking. And I am lucky I have a mother-in-law I love! I'm grateful she raised Sean to have a sense of humor, be honest and hard-working, and the best husband and friend I could ask for.

I had a fantastic Mother's Day this year. Sean and Jackson made it a really fun day. Sean made me both breakfast in bed and a yummy dinner. I got a new purse (hooray! My duffel bag will no longer adorne my arm!) and Sean surprised me with a gift card for a pedicure. I felt very pampered.

I told Sean one of the things I wanted to do was get some pictures of Jackson and I together. A lot of times I am the one behind the camera so we headed outside and Sean took a bunch for me. Here are some of my favorites of me and my handsome boy :)

A few days ago my uncle e-mailed me a few pictures of when I was little. Usually I think Jackson looks mostly like Sean, but I did notice some similarities to me in these pictures.

Curls, chubby cheeks and round little tummy :)

And I had to throw this last picture in because it just makes me laugh! I'm not sure why I was furrowing my brow, but this is pretty darn close to the exact face Jackson makes when he's not happy!

I hope everyone had a happy Mother's Day!


Courtney said...

cute pics of you two! i know what you mean about always being behind the camera. it was fun to see those pics of you when you were little!

lramey said...

sweetness!!! i love those pictures!! i can't wait til it's nice and we can play at the park every single day! what the weather we're having!!!!!