Thursday, July 1, 2010

18 months!

It's hard to believe he's already this old!
Stats as of a few weeks ago:
Height: 33.5" (90th percentile)
Weight: 30 lbs (95th percentile)
Head: 19" (69th percentile)

A few more recent pictures (sorry, some are sort of fuzzy from the cell phone):

Sporting his new sweet shades he picked up at Cabela's:

FYI there is no air bag in the passenger side of the miata... nonetheless, this is not a common occurance (though Jackson would like it to be!)

Some tidbits about Jackson at 18 months:
Note: I realize not everyone is interested in this stuff but post mostly for Sean and I's enjoyment :)

-He will repeat (or at least try) any word you ask him to, but some of his favorites are: bubble (says all day, every day), mama, daddy, hooray, potato, purple, box, baby, no, hello, hi, bye bye (buh-bye), door, apple, ball, fish, banana, water (wah-wah), amen, night night, juice, Jesus, ear, eye, cheese
-Has 12 teeth
-Wears size 2T and size 6 shoe
-Hates nursery, but is making slow progress
-Loves to read-- especially Dr. Suess's "The Foot Book" and "Oh the Thinks You Can Think"
-Loves the Miata and every time we go into the garage he makes a "zoom zoom" sound and wants to go for a ride
-Loves all buttons, switches and lights
-Loves to swing
-Climbs everything
-Loves playing basketball with Sean. Also likes baseball and just learned how to tackle
-Loves swimming and will jump to us from the side of the pool
-Takes a 2-3 hour nap everyday around 1pm
-Sleeps at night from 9pm to 7:30-8:30am
-Still a great eater. Some of his favorite snacks and meals are yogurt, string cheese, oatmeal, Teddy Grahams, waffles, Otter Pops, fruit, fruit snacks, raisins, crackers, tomato stuff (sauces, soup, etc.), quesadillas, beans (not green)
-Feeds himself with a spoon and fork and when he is full he proceeds to throw the rest of his food on the floor unless I'm quick enough to stop him
-Can drink out of a cup on his own
-Points to the sky every time he hears an airplane
-Still shares very well and is always trying to feed us his food
-Likes to play steamroller with his dad
-Gets VERY excited when Sean comes home. If we are outside he runs to the car and if we are inside he runs and waits at the gate
-Still gives us kisses, but not every time you ask him
-Bows his head when we say prayers and says "Mae-men!" (Amen)
-Points to: Head, ears, eyes, nose, chin, teeth, tongue, belly, fingers, toes, bum, feet
-Always counting to three but often starts at number two
-Loves the theme song to "Little Einsteins"
-Laughs every time he passes gas. When we laugh he tries to do it again :)
-Walks down stairs on his own
-Tries to help me with laundry and making the bed, etc. Always trying to imitate what we're doing
-LOVES buckles. Buckles himself in his high chair and can do the top buckle of his car seat
-Loves the movie "Cars"


Beth said...

Jackson I getting so big. I'm glad he can saw potato, since it is part of his heritage with both his parents from Idaho!

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Happy half birthday Jackson! I love that he is a 90-05th percentile kid..I think I was too :) He is so adorable, but lucky you can get "rid" of him for 2 hours at church now :) And I think rides in the miata are awesome!

Kinley said...

Happy Nursery! Congrats on the big 1-8 man!

Courtney said...

He is seriously a chunker!! haha, I love it. He is alway so happy in all his pictures. He looks cute in the miata.

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Mark and Lachelle said...

Jackson is one healthy boy!! He is so cute! His sunglasses are pimp! I bet he attacts all the ladies crusin in his miata with his sweet shades!