Monday, August 22, 2011

Glory Hallelujah!

This, my friends, is Jackson's potty chart. Notice, it is complete!!! After more than a month and a half since beginning this fun little journey, I dare say our little man is potty trained! Cue the choir....

Not going to lie, it was rocky. We are definitely not one of those "I trained my son in two days" phenomenons. I had no intention to start potty training until he was closer to 3, but Jackson decided he was ready, so I jumped on board.

Things were going well until we ran into the problem of him refusing to poop. I know there are all sorts of reasons and theories for this. Poor kid. All I know is after a month, my patience was gone and I am sure he was just as frustrated and sick of the whole thing as we were. I was ready to put him back in diapers. Problem was, he loved his new big boy undies and refused.

A few weeks ago he decided he was ready for #2. Sean and I had pretty much promised him the moon if he'd go, so when he did, we had to pay up in the form of a new Spiderman toy, lunch at Arctic Circle, ice cream, and a shaved ice. I think I would have bought him a new car if he'd asked.

We had a few hiccups after that, but last week (after we bought a new package of super hero undies) it all of the sudden just seemed to "click." No accidents for several days now and he is pretty excited about the whole thing. He is quite proud of himself, as am I!

And... he looks pretty darn cute in his undies :)


Cassi said...

We just potty trained Carter as well. I think they look just adorable in their big boy undies!

lramey said...

i love everything you bought him, and his underoos picture. soooo delicious!!!

Keisha said...

love the spiderman toy. its awesome. i love that little bum.

and darren knows all too well that jackson is potty trained ;)

Rachel said...

Haha I loved this and I totally get the frustration. I think Sean got a helicopter ride as a reward for potty training and I am all about the bribes! What mom isn't?! Way to go Jackson and really way to go Jenny and Sean.