Monday, January 9, 2012

Birthday and party time!

Jackson's birthday was on a Sunday this year so we celebrated as a family on his actual birthday and had a party later in the week. 

His big day started out with smoothies and french toast. (wearing his new Spiderman pjs he opened the night before)

Since he has been so into trains lately, I made him a train birthday cake. 

 I thought it turned out pretty cute! I hadn't decorated a cake since his last birthday, so it was fun. The train is a GeoTrax train that he can use with the set he got for Christmas.


 I showed it to him at breakfast and he was really excited about it, so it was worth the effort ;)

Ready for church!

Showing me "how many" he is

It was Jackson's first official day as a new sunbeam in primary. Despite being traumatized a few weeks earlier in a trial run, he did great. I could tell he was nervous but was trying so hard to be brave. At one point the leaders asked he and his friend (who was born New Year's Eve) to come up to the front so they could sing happy birthday to them. It was honestly one of the sweetest things I have EVER seen. Those two boys in front of everyone, standing close together, almost as if they were leaning on each other for support, and smiling shyly while everyone sang to them. I get choked up just thinking about it! After the singing, I think he felt like a million bucks and decided primary was cool. I was relieved because I didn't want a repeat of how it was starting him in nursery!

All smiles!

We had my sister and her family over for presents and cake that night. He received many nice gifts from family and friends and he was excited about every one of them.

 New Lightning McQueen slippers!

Book that turns into a pirate ship 

His new alligator bank was a hit.

Time to blow out the candles! Sean and I both remarked later about how cute he looked while we sang to him. You can tell he felt pretty cool.

I wanted a few pictures with the birthday boy :)

Party time!

We had his party at Kangaroo Zoo this past week and it was so much fun. It was nice because all I basically had to do was show up with some cupcakes. He loves this place and had such a good time with so many of his friends there.

Ready for the "blast zone"

Jackson and Ashton

Nash and Dax

Sean decided to jump in!

His birthday room

After awhile we took a break and opened presents and ate cupcakes.

We even had a special visit from "Coco" the kangaroo!

We put Bode in the pouch for about two seconds before he started screaming :)

After presents there was more jumping, sliding, and playing

I think he had a great birthday, which is ultimately all we really wanted. Thanks so much to everyone who celebrated with us!


Grant and Taryn Layton said...

His cake is SO cute! I can't remember the last cake I made...guess I'm going to have to have some kids so I have an excuse to do it again. Happy birthday Jackson!

Cassi said...

Awesome cake Jenny! So cute and clever. Happy Birthday Jackson! I always forget how close Carter and him are in age. Only 1 month apart!

Chelsey said...

Dying over the cake!! Nice work! Jackson looks,like he had an awesome birthday!!