Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy heart

We got some great news today. We learned Jackson's heart is 100% normal and is absolutely perfect! You may (or may not) remember when he was born there were a few concerns with his heart. He had a murmur and the doctors were worried he had what they called a "narrowing of the aorta."  They ordered an echo to see what was going on and found a few things. He had two small holes in his heart and the echo showed one of his valves as "bi-cuspid," instead of "tri-cuspid." They explained to us that a bi-cuspid valve can stiffen up over time and cause problems. After the first echo, the doctors ordered a second echo because results were inconclusive on the narrowing of the aorta problem they originally ordered the echo for. The second echo came back and it was determined he did not have the narrowing of the aorta. We were told he didn't have this specific problem and that was all. Thankful, we took our new baby boy home and figured we would do as the doctors suggested, and monitor the bi-cuspid valve when he got older.

Fast forward to the present. At Jackson's 3-year checkup, I mentioned the bi-cuspid valve to the doctor. It had been on my mind because our brother-in-law is having surgery this week to replace his bi-cuspid valve with a mechanical valve. The doctor looked through the echo notes and discovered the second echo came back saying Jackson's valve was actually a TRI-cuspid valve, not bi-cuspid, like the first echo had stated. No one had happened to mention it to us back then.

I don't blame our doctor at all because he wasn't the pediatrician that gave us the results of that echo (he was out of town or something). Because the results of the echos were conflicting, our doctor ordered a new set of tests be done on Jackson so we could put the issue to rest.

Today was the day! 

Jackson got a new echo and an EKG. He thought the "stickers" for the EKG were pretty cool. The doctor came in and gave us the great news that not only did Jackson have a perfectly normal tri-cuspid valve, the holes in his heart were also gone. In his words, his heart is "perfect." What a relief! 

A bit frustrating that we have had this concern for his heart for the past three years, but such a blessing to have the knowledge now that he is ok. I am grateful we didn't just continue on in ignorance with this concern looming over us. Our prayers were answered and I am very grateful. And fitting, I think, to get such happy news about his heart so close to Valentines Day :)

Praying for more happy heart news in regards to our brother-in-law. We'd appreciate any extra prayers in his behalf.


Sylvia said...

Thanks Jenny! xo

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Yeah! :) Glad you know you're making perfect little babies over there. SO cute of him with his "stickers" all over.

JCLS said...

That is exciting! When Lila was born she had a murmur and had to do all of the same stuff you guys did. An echo and an ultrasound....then when she was around 6 months we went in again and the holes had closed as well. It was such a relief!

Jacque said...

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