Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

Handsome boys all ready for church on Easter!

I made matching the matching tie and bow tie-- I thought they turned out really cute. 

Little heartbreaker :)


I really love this picture. 

Looking all GQ in this one ;)

Neighborhood Easter egg hunt

Dyeing eggs with cousins

My favorite egg this year

The Easter bunny found us!

Bode found one of the boiled eggs and had some fun. Not sure how much of the shell was consumed...

The bubbles were a hit!

Hope everyone had a nice Easter!


Chelsey said...

Love the Easter outfits! Good work!! FYI your talk was amazing just like you!!

Kanani said...

Hi Jenny-
A while back you had some pictures of your quiet book. Would you mind sharing those again? I am working on one and really loved the ideas you had but can no longer find them on your blog. Or would you be willing to email? Thanks!