Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dino date

I had a hot date last week with this guy:

I'd been wanting to give him some undivided attention. He's a really good, patient brother, and I wanted to do something where he felt like the spotlight was on him. We had tickets for the IMAX theatre at the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point and came up with the idea of a dinosaur date!

Our first stop was lunch. He chose Rumbi (to my pleasant surprise!). He felt pretty cool getting his own orange soda in a glass bottle.

Next up was the dinosaur movie. They have three movies and we saw the Pangea one because I was told it was the best one for kids.

Waiting for the movie to start-- he was so excited!

We ended up having the whole theatre to ourselves! Jackson was pretty amazed by the IMAX screen and thought it was cool wearing the 3D glasses. He held my hand during the ENTIRE movie. :)

I'm not going to lie, the movie was pretty strange--weird animation and dialog. Fortunately, Jackson thought it was cool. It had dinosaurs and "ball-canos" (volcanos), so he was happy. 

After the movie it was on to the dinosaur museum.

His favorite part!

And his favorite dinosaur (the T-Rex, of course!)

Digging for bones

And finally, we finished our date with ice cream.  

I am so happy we did this! I loved being able to focus on just him for a few hours. He and I are already planning our future dates. I want to do the same thing with Bode when he gets a little older. Thanks to Keisha and Sean for making the dino date possible!

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Sylvia said...

What a fun day for the both of you! I don't know if one can truly appreciate dinosaurs unless they have a child with them.
Great photos ...& thanks for sharing!