Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fourth of July 2012

We had an awesome Fourth of July in Idaho Falls this year. Lots of family time and great weather! 

The Vespa was a hit, as always! I think part of the appeal was Papa was the driver :)

Sean and I even took a little ride together-- just like the old days!

Crack the egg 

A little pool time with Isaac

Popsicles and water toys at grandma and grandpa's

Red rover!

The whole clan at the parade

Throwing in this random picture of Bode because I love it. It was taken on the Fourth of July during a trip to Home Depot, so I guess it fits!

Jackpot taking a cat nap before the fireworks

Beautiful sunset before the big show

Glow sticks (of course Bode's is in his mouth…)

A great show, as always! Very happy Jackson is no longer deathly afraid of fireworks and did not spend the entire show upset underneath a blanket. The solution? Headphones and Disney music. Worked like a charm. One of the best Fourth of July's yet!

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Shawna said...

Thanks for the idea about the headphones--we just discovered Isaac is deathly afraid of fireworks as well! Sorry we missed seeing you..I was a little late to the ward breakfast and you were probably right across the street from us at the parade. Maybe next year we'll time it better so we can run into you. you got some amazingly cute boys!