Monday, September 10, 2012

Chokecherries and Labor Day weekend

Over Labor Day weekend, the boys and I headed up to Island Park with my parents. Sean was out of town for work, and I didn't want to spend the weekend alone!

We spent most of Saturday afternoon picking chokecherries. I had actually never been chokecherry picking-- I just knew I LOVE the syrup. When I found out they were "on," I asked my parents if they were interested in trying to find some. With the help of my aunt and uncle, we were successful in finding several chokecherry bushes.

Some of the last ones we found were LOADED with chokecherries. My mom and dad (who have been picking before) couldn't believe how many there were.

Jackson loved helping and didn't complain even though we were picking for a few hours!

We ended up picking about 6 gallons of chokecherries. We split them up and both my mom and I made chokecherry syrup.

I am very excited for pancakes!

A few other pictures from the weekend:


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Shawna said...

Jealousy! I love chokecherry syrup! We used to go picking when I was younger...we haven't done it in years. And it does look like you hit the mother-load! So awesome! I may just have to stop by your house for breakfast one of these days:)!