Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fourth of July 2013

Per tradition, we headed to Idaho Falls to celebrate the Fourth of July. 

The day started with the kids riding down the parade route in my dad's Model T (before the actual parade started) and throwing candy to the crowds. This is one of their very favorite traditions!

Watching the parade

Jackson and I took some self-shots during the parade :)

You always need at least one silly shot!

Then it was off to the Ricks's for an awesome BBQ! Jeremy knows how to cook some killer ribs! 

I love this picture of the cousins on the Ricks side. We got some genuine smiles by telling them to say, "Papa is a donkey!"

We spent the evening at the river waiting for the fireworks to start and we had an awesome view of the temple.

Unfortunately the fireworks didn't start til 11 pm, but when they started, they were awesome. I am really proud of Jackson who wasn't afraid of the show this year!

We did a few of our own fireworks the night before 

The next morning we got to go to a birthday party for some of our nieces. I think the kids (and Sean!) were in heaven because it was at a trampoline gym.

Showing off some sweet moves

Next we started the trip up to Island Park to meet the rest of my family. We stepped WAY back in time by stopping at Thornton Merc in for lunch. I had never been there, but Sean remembers going during spud harvest each year. I literally felt like I was stepping into a different time period when we walked in the door, but the burger and fries were good and it was fun to do something different.

We made it to Island Park and Jackson got to see a double rainbow on a four-wheeler ride with his dad. 

Bedtime stories with the cousins

Fishing on Henry's Fork (using Jackson's Spiderman fishing pole)

Bode fished for awhile, but he preferred to sit on the four wheeler most of the time.

Checking out the Artist's Paint Pots in Yellowstone. They loved the flying mud!

Ride to the top of Mt. Sawtell

Despite being caught in a crazy rainstorm on the four wheelers our first night in Island Park, Bode could not get enough of them. He literally would not get off the the four wheelers or take of his helmet. We couldn't get him to come inside and eat or do anything else really. If we weren't riding, he would just sit on the seat, perfectly content. Finally I just started taking him his meals outside so he would eat something!

All we have heard from this boy since we got home is how he wants to go back to the cabin and ride "grandpa's four wheelers." Guess we'd better plan a return trip soon!

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