Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baby update

Everything is moving right along with baby boy! I am now 36 weeks. Originally, I presumed I would be delivering the baby at 37 weeks (next week!), but the cholestasis showed up later than with the other two and so far is pretty mild. I know this is a result of a blessing I received and many prayers in my behalf. As long as things stay quiet, my doctor is planning to induce me in a few weeks-- sometime during the first week in December. 

I have never delivered a baby past 37 weeks so I don't know what to expect if that ends up being the case. Jackson was 9 lbs three weeks early, and Bode was 7 1/2 lbs three weeks early! I can only assume this is going to be a big boy, especially since it looks like he may get a couple of extra weeks to grow. I had an ultrasound Monday and they estimate he is already around 7 lbs, so we'll see how much he gains in the next couple of weeks. We always joke that because I am tall, our babies have plenty of room to fill out. I do love chubby babies...

My friend Keisha was nice enough to take a few pictures while our kids played at the park the other day. I thought they turned out really cute! I feel big as a barn (who doesn't at 8+ months pregnant?), but  it will be fun to have them and look back on them.

And lastly, one random pic Sean took last Sunday while we were out in the backyard enjoying the gorgeous fall weather!

Getting excited for baby boy's arrival!


Shawna said...

You're gorgeous Jenny! So glad that things are going well for you and the baby! so excited for you!:)

Ryan Jenkins said...

Very cute pics, Jenny!! Best of luck with the delivery. I hope everything goes perfect for you! :)