Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall/Halloween happenings 2014

It sort of feels like we have been celebrating Halloween all month long! We started October with Frightmares at Lagoon for Sean's company party, went to Mickey's Halloween Party a few days later, and haven't really slowed down since!

Little Haunts at This is the Place Heritage Park

Pumpkin Festival on the Heber Creeper

Gardner Village with some neighborhood friends

Visiting the "Dead & Breakfast" house in South Jordan with grandparents and cousins

For some reason I just really love this picture of my mom and Bode

Spooky ice cream to follow!

Mummy dogs and our annual caramel apple making

Our cute neighbors, Scarlett and Jenifer, helped us this year!

Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point


This corn cannon was a definite highlight.

Phew! I feel like we have done a lot! We're ready for the main event!

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