Monday, January 5, 2015

Jackson turns 6

Jackson just celebrated his 6th birthday! We started celebrating on New Year's Eve, calling it his "pre-birthday party," and had fun playing games and eating cake. Jackson wanted a Lego party and cake this year.
My fondant skills are definitely lacking, but he loved it and I am so glad. Sean helped me by putting together the Lego figures holding the candles-- I think they are so cute!

Birthday boy!
Notice the hole in the side of the cake from his little brother…. :)

The next day we started his birthday off by having him open his gifts. He loved this cool truck/rocket combo from nana and papa.

He was excited to have them here for his birthday!

When Jackson was 3 years old, he decided he wanted a real motorcycle. Sean told him he could get one after he learned how to ride a bike without training wheels. Jackson ditched the training wheels at 3 1/2 and has been asking for a motorcycle ever since. We tried holding him off for awhile because he was so young, but he's finally at an age where we feel more comfortable with it. He's been asking for one for so long, I think he was starting to lose hope. Sean has been searching KSL for months, and miraculously, one popped up for sale (for a good price!) the week before Christmas. He jumped at the chance and drove to Logan to pick it up the day after Christmas. 

After opening all of his other presents, we told Jackson there was one more in the garage. 

He was SO excited when he saw it. He was almost in shock, I think. He kept saying over and over, "This is so awesome." 

I think Sean was just as excited to give it to him as Jackson was to receive it!

Ready to ride!

One of his first rides.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but he did so awesome! Especially considering all of the snow and ice. He had no trouble balancing it and picked it up right away. 

He LOVES it and begs to ride all the time. I was amazed at how fast he picked it up. After a few rides, he was even playing in the snow.

In the afternoon it was time for his Lego birthday party!

The kids colored their own mini-figure when the arrived. 

The piƱata was next...
followed by some Lego car races, Lego bingo, presents, and Lego cupcakes!

The party felt like a whirlwind, but the boys seemed to have fun. I am always relieved when it is over!

We finished the day with dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory (Jackson's pick) and a round of bowling with the Heinholds. 

I think Jackson had a great day. 

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