Tuesday, April 14, 2015

On the slopes

I realized today I haven't posted anything about skiing with the boys this winter! We had a lot of fun this year. This was Bode's first year skiing, and Jackson's first year in ski school. 

We went skiing as a family (minus Davis) for the first time this season. 

Bode did really well! He was off of the bunny hill and on to the lift after just a couple runs. Sean had to help him a lot, but he did great and ended up loving it.

Jackson did ski school for 5 Saturdays and did really well also. I took Jackson to his last day of lessons while Sean was on a campout with the scouts. My friend watched the other two boys, so I had the morning to ski by myself and the afternoon to ski with Jackson.

Selfie on the top of the mountain! 
I hadn't skied a full day in several years and was so excited to get some time on the mountain. 

I LOVED skiing with Jackson when his lesson was over. It was a beautiful, bluebird day and we had so much fun. He was excited to show me his new favorite run, "Scout," which goes through the trees. 

It happened to snow while we were in Cancun, and wanting to take advantage, Sean and Jackson headed back up to ski again when we got home.  

Jackson even got to ski with one of his best buds who was also there skiing with his family!

I am so happy that both Jackson and Bode love skiing. I look forward to hopefully many future family ski trips. I have a lot of good memories going with my family growing up, and I love that skiing is something the whole family can do together!

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