Friday, June 12, 2015

18 months

My baby isn't quite so much a baby anymore! Davis is growing like a weed and learning all sorts of new things every day. Somehow, he's now 18 months. 

He finally decided to start walking the day before he turned 17 months. Just within the past few days has he been walking more than crawling!

Davis is such a happy, funny kid and keeps us laughing. 

How he likes to do down the stairs:

"Racing" like his brothers:

Davis at 18 months:
Stats: 31 lbs. (98th percentile), 33.75" (90th percentile)
Wears size 5/6 shoe
Words include: mama, dada, Bo, go, bye, wow, no, toodles, hi, moo, eye, papa
Says "bye!" (sounds like "Bah!") and waves to everyone
Can point to his nose, ear, tongue
Can open doors
Shakes when he gets excited
Is into EVERYTHING and makes lots of messes
Doesn't like taking bites-- prefers shoving everything into his mouth whole
Dumps any food he doesn't want on the floor
Trys to climb on everything
Likes sleeping with two stuffed animals: pooh bear and "orange guy"
Opens his mouth wide when he gives you a kiss 
Favorite toy is any type of ball 
Loves the trampoline and is trying to jump on his own
Likes to yell, "No!" and point his finger at you
Thinks it's funny to put his toes in his mouth when you change his diaper 
Will sit by the fridge and wait for you to say, "go!" and then will race into the family room

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