Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Davis turns 2!

This year Davis's birthday was the day after Thanksgiving, so we got to spend the day with lots of family. We kept things very low key this year. We went to see "The Good Dinosaur" earlier in the day with cousins and headed to pizza that evening. 

We had to wait forever for our food, but Bode wearing his mustache from the quarter machine helped entertain us for awhile.

 After pizza we headed to my parents' house and opened presents and had cake. 

It was a whole bunch of cousins and aunts and uncles from both sides of the family, and it made it so fun. I'm so grateful for everyone who came to celebrate with us.

He was so cute opening this Mickey Mouse. I'm happy I caught it on camera.

I didn't even entertain the notion of making Davis's cake this year. No regrets about it whatsoever. The cake was darling, tasted great, and I didn't have to make it! I think I liked decorating/making cakes more when I had fewer kids and more time! ;)

All that really mattered was this Mickey Mouse obsessed boy loved it!

Singing to the birthday boy!

Happy birthday to this sweet boy!
Stats at 2 years old:
Weight: 33.8 lbs (95th percentile)
Height: 35.8" (89th percentile)
Some notes about Davis at 2:
-Still loves his pacifier and calls it "mimi" just like Bode did
-Has turned into quite the independent little dude. Doesn't like you to do anything for him! Won't hold your hand, wants to open everything on his own, feed himself, etc. He doesn't even like you to hand him his cup sometimes because he wants to get it! Funny sometimes, frustrating others!
-Can definitely hold his own with his brothers and tries to copy everything they do
-Loves to sing and his favorite songs are "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and "We Will Rock You" by Queen
-Mickey Mouse obsessed. Gets VERY excited when he sees a Mickey or we turn on the show
-Still loves racing across the house. Starts at the pantry and says "Ready, set, go!" and runs to the chair in the family room
-Chatting up a storm and tries to mimic anything you say
-Loves watching basketball
-Walks around the house with as many Hot Wheels in his hands as he can hold. It isn't uncommon for him to be holding 3 in each hand at a time
-Can navigate a phone and touch screen crazy well and is obsessed with cell phones. We basically have to keep them away from him
-Favorite movie is "Wreck-It Ralph" by far
-Loves Vespa rides
-Takes long naps every afternoon
-Our pickiest eater so far
-Loves all of his grandparents and is always so excited to see/talk to them
-Even with as independent as he is, he is a great snuggler and gives the best hugs!

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