Thursday, August 11, 2016

Molly 4 months

Just like that, another month is gone.  Molly is now four months old! She has turned into such a happy, relaxed, and easy to please baby. She's so quick to smile and this month we got to hear her first real belly laughs. She still refuses to take a pacifier and we've officially given up. However, she seems to have found her thumb and is toying with the idea of using that instead! Her smile is huge and infectious. In fact, she smiles so big sometimes it almost looks like it hurts. She also decided this month that she enjoys the swing after all. I'll catch her swinging and looking up at the mobile with a big grin on her face. She greets me after waking up with a smile, even in the middle of the night. She sleeps through the night often (or close to it) but I honestly don't mind getting up with her once at night. I sort of enjoy that quiet time together with just she and I. 

Favorite photos this month:

Trying on the new dress I made for her

Finally moved from the bassinet to her crib this month. Now she has plenty of room to stretch!

It is becoming sort of a tradition for me to pull out the DSLR on her month-to-month anniversaries and having a little mini photo shoot. Yesterday she was in such a happy mood and I thought she looked so darling.

I love her eyes in these ones

This one is one of my very favorites.  

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