Friday, May 9, 2008

I was tagged...

not once, but twice! So I'm combining the two "tags" into this one post so you won't have to endure two posts all about me ;)

20 years ago I…
1) Was five years old and busy catching butterflies and grasshoppers
2) LOVED my kindergarten teacher and class
3) Wanted to grow up to be an ice-cream scooper at Baskin Robbins

10 years ago I…
1) Was 15 years old and received my driver’s license (Idaho is awesome that way)
2) Was taller than all of the boys my age
3) Had braces

5 years ago I…
1) Was 20 years old and anxiously waiting for Sean to come home from his mission
2) Attended BYU-Hawaii for a Spring semester with my friends Taryn and
3) Decided to major in Public Relations

3 years ago I….
1) Had just celebrated my first anniversary
2) Lived in Colorado Springs for our second year of summer sales
3) Lost 20 pounds and started running again

1 year ago I…
1) Moved into our new townhouse in Pleasant Grove!
2) Took a cake decorating class and learned I love it 3) Saw fireflies for the first time while living in Virginia

So far this year I have…
1) Started wearing my hair naturally wavy every once in awhile
2) Been on a zip line in a jungle in Belize

3) Started a new job that I love

Yesterday I…
1) Went to Whole Foods in search of wheat berries
2) Went to an
awesome mall with to buy some goodies at Bath and Body Works
3) Took my friends’ dog Remy for a walk and saw baby geese!

Today I…
1) Worked on posting news coverage to the company I work for's Web site

2) Will watch the Jazz game with Sean
3) Am going to try really hard to get my clean laundry folded and put away

Tomorrow I will…
1) Have the day off and will sleep in
2) Walk over to
Valley Forge National Historical Park and see what it has to offer
3) Go on a dinner date with my hubby

In the next year I may…
1) Achieve my goal of being able to do the splits (It was my goal last year too...)
2) Finally get our guest bedroom decorated
3) Take a beginning watercolor class

Here's tag #2:

Five things on your to do list today.
1) Fold laundry and put it away
2) Wrap up some of my work projects
3) Water my cute little herb garden I planted the other day
4) Write in my journal
5) Get some exercise

Snacks I enjoy
1) Fruit
2) Wheat Thins
3) Trail mix

What would I do if I was suddenly a billionaire?
I would buy Sean and Porsche to fulfill his dream, buy myself a pimped out Range Rover Sport, pay for the rest of my parents’ home remodeling, buy a cabin in Island Park, donate a bunch to the
National Ability Center and any other worthy cause I felt passionate about, invest like crazy, pay for my entire family to travel the world together and give really really good birthday and wedding gifts.

Three bad habits…
1) Never ironing ANYTHING
2) Leaving clean laundry sitting in the dryer
3) Always wanting to eat something sweet after dinner

Five places I’ve lived… (I'll have to narrow down my list!)
1) Laie, HI
2) Chicago, IL
3) Charleston, SC
4) Virginia Beach area, VA
5) Philadelphia, PA

Five jobs I’ve had… (Here are my first five...)
1) Papergirl-- that's right, I started young!
2) Worked at a corn maze in the concession stand
3) Worked at Mrs. Powells (an awesome cinnamon roll bakery and cafe)
4) Sales Associate at Victoria’s Secret and Pac Sun
5) PR assistant at the National Ability Center in Park City, UT

Five things that (some) people don’t know about me
1) I was born without wisdom teeth
2) I am a history buff
3) One of my guilty pleasures is reading smut magazines like US Weekly
4) Dolphins freak me out
5) I am allergic to shellfish

I tag anyone who needs a blog topic! Choose whichever set of questions you like the best!


Beth: said...

There's always something new to learn about you! You're super cool!! luv ya

Curt and Shawna said...

HI! this is Shawna Riddoch Wakefield. I found your blog and I hope you don't mind. I considered secretly reading it but decided that would only be fun for awhile so here I am making a comment. I am excited that you have a blog, send me your email and I will invite you to mine.

j & r fullmer said...

Jenny I knew you were my favorite. I am so happy that I have such an AWESOME sister in law like you that is uber talented in like all sorts of differant area's. You never cease to amaze me. We miss you guys everyday! Oh ya and Yay for Sean U of U! We are so excited you won't be far away. We love the Jenny's! said...

Hahaha...I think you should share with everyone the reason dolphins freak you out!!! Hahahahaha!