Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Sean and I got a chance to go see some of the sights this past weekend. We went to Independence Hall first:

I have to say it lived up to my high expectations. I kept thinking about the people like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, George Washington and everyone else from that first continental congress who had been in that very room and made such important decisions regarding America's future. As dorky as it sounds, I was honestly moved being in the building.

That chair in the middle is George Washington's actual chair!

This is a cool view of the tower Sean took while we were waiting for our tour to begin.
Our next stop was the Liberty Bell, which was also really cool. I didn't know it was the bell that was rung to summon the people of Philadelphia for the first reading of the Declaration of Independence. Little facts like that make an old, cracked bell a lot more interesting!
Here's a shot I took of probably the most recognizable building in Philly (besides Independence Hall). I learned the statue on top is of William Penn-- the founder of Pennsylvania.


Jason and Courtney said...

So cool Jenny! I love historic things too...hopefully while we live out here in the midwest we can make it over to the east coast to see all the sights! You look cute!

Cassi said...

So, reading your blog totally made me think of National Treasure :-) Looks like fun! How's everything else going?

Mark and Lachelle said...

Lucky!! That looks so fun! I want to go sightseeing to awesome historic places too! Actually, I take that back, the first place I want to go sightseeing is, the Roloff farm in Portland! Please tell me you know who the Roloffs are, otherwise, I just sounded retarded ;)

Underwood Family said...

So, I envy you right now. I keep on telling Jared that once we have an older family we are renting an RV and seeing the U.S. Love the pictures!