Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yeah, we're stylish

Sean and I went to an ugly sweater party the other night. Here are the hot little numbers we picked up for the event:

I was totally grossed out because I didn't have time to wash them before wearing. I wore a long sleeve shirt underneath mine to try an minimize the amount of contact it had with my skin! Sean's beautiful ensemble was found in the women's section at D.I. and comes complete with shoulder pads. He looked quite smashing. My sweater is made of 52% ramie-- whatever the crap that is. All I know is it was itchy and I will never wear something made with it again!


Ryan and Cecily said...

Love the sweaters! Oh and I haven't heard of ramie either, but I looked it's in the nettle plant family (mainly used for fiber production). No wonder it was so itchy!

Heidi said...

Love it! I told my mom that I wanted to start the ugly sweater contest every year, but then forgot to tell everyone else. Also, I forgot to get one for myself... so my mom showed up in a real doozie, alone, on Christmas Eve. She wasn't happy with me.