Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy birthday Jackson!

Our baby boy turns one today! It's hard to believe we've already been able to spend a whole year with him. He's such a blessing and brings us so much joy. We are his biggest fans and are so proud to be his parents.

One year ago, shortly after being born New Year's Day at 3:29 a.m.:

He was hooked up to a few machines to help him breathe at first (he was 2 1/2 weeks early) but came home with us three days later happy and healthy:

We loved him instantly. I don't know how to describe it, but when I saw him I felt like his face was familiar and he just belonged in our family.

Our not so little baby boy today:

If you are a parent you know words cannot describe how much you love your child. We can't imagine life without him and feel so fortunate to be his parents.

Here are some notes about Jackson at 1-year old:
-Loves cars and while he plays with them he makes car noises with his mouth
-Crawls both regular and Army style
-Nicknames include jackpot, action Jackson, jabber Jack, bubba, double scoop, fang (from grandpa)
-Has started pulling himself up on everything-- resulting in a few scratches and bruises
-Recently learned how to climb stairs and slide back down them
-Will point to your nose and teeth when you ask him to
-Loves animals and is starting to learn the sounds they make. He can make monkey sounds and meow
-Loves opening and closing any type of door
-Shares everything with others. He will even take food out of his own mouth and try to give you a taste!
-Walks (with assistance) on his toes often. I think it is because he is used to being on his toes in his bouncer
-LOVES music and dances whenever he hears it
-Has started pointing at things
-Likes turning the lights off and on
-Still lets me rock him to sleep and I will continue to do so as long as he'll let me
-Thinks escalators are about the coolest thing ever
-Holds cell phones and other objects that look like a phone up to his ear

We're having a party so we'll post some pictures later! Happy birthday Jackson!


Sam and Kristol said...

Yeah! Happy Birthday Jackson. What a fast, great year. Daxton has a presant for Jackson. We'll see ya soon.

Tenise said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Jackson!!! I love his cute little curls, and he's got great eyes!

Kinley said...

Happy Birthday Jackson! I hope you transitioned well to the milk and I wish that you would have a talk with my kiddos about letting their momma rock them to sleep! Thanks man! Glad you made it to one!