Sunday, January 17, 2010

A sweet ending to a busy week

Well, not a whole lot has been going on in our household as of late. Jackson got some random virus resulting in a nice mix of puking sessions nearly every night and diarrhea during the day (did I mention this lasted for a WEEK AND A HALF?!) Poor poor kid. Our house was not pretty. I was also not pretty. I was sleep deprived and it was all I could do to even get a shower. I think I washed all of the bedding in our household more this week than I have our entire marriage. You know, since the nightly ritual was he’d throw up in his crib, then throw up in bed with us, then throw up in the spare bed. Good news is the little J man is feeling great now and life is back to normal. Such a relief! It was hard to see him so sick.

Since we haven’t done much due to the aforementioned plague, I thought I’d post a recipe for the best homemade hot fudge I've ever tasted. Chocolate makes everything better! This recipe is courtesy of my sister who got it from her sister-in-law. We had it on brownie sundaes tonight and it really is SO good and easy to make. Try it!

Hot fudge:
1 12-oz package good semi-sweet choc. chips
1 c. butter
2 2/3 c. evaporated milk
4 c. powdered sugar
1 tsp. vanilla

Melt chocolate chips and butter together. Blend in remaining ingredients except vanilla. Boil 10 min. stirring constantly. Take off heat and add vanilla. *You can refrigerate any leftovers and use it again later!


Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Poor little guy...and poor you! That is not a fun week and a half. Glad he's feeling better and you're making hot fudge and blogging again :) Yum!

Underwood Family said...

Ugh! That sounds awful! Brent got something like that when he was about 1 year, and there was barf everywhere! I'm crossing my fingers that we don't get anything like that. I can't imagine having to clean up 2 barfing kids. I will have to try that hot fudge, it sounds good just to drink! :)

Stacy said...

Parenting tip from a mom who likes her sleep...start the night by double sheeting the crib. You know leakproof pad, sheet, then another leakproof pad and another sheet. That way when he gets sick, you just pull off the top layer and he can go back to bed and so can you!! Just deal with the yucky set in the morning.:)Glad to hear he is feeling better for this round though!!!! I feel for you all!

Mark and Lachelle said...

Poor Jackson! I'm glad he's feeling better. I can't imagine how sad is was to see him sick. Little Camden gets a cold and I feel so bad! And that recipe....looks DIVINE!