Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Third Year

Sean started his third (and final) year of law school yesterday! I made him let me take a picture because I am just so darn proud of him. :)

It's strange thinking this is his last year. When we got married I still had more than a year of school left myself and I remembered thinking seven more years for Sean seemed so far away! Time flies.

Congrats on being an official 3L and one of the "big dawgs" on campus! ;)


Curt and Shawna said...

What a great accomplishment- way to go Sean! Good luck with this upcoming year!

Brad n Bekah Blizogg said...

That's very exciting! Yeah Sean!

Courtney said...

yeah!! almost done.

Heidi said...

I love his 1st day pics. You two are so sweet for each other. LOVE it. Muah.