Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had an awesome Halloween. After having kids, it seems like each year has been more and more fun. Jackson was way into it this year! 

We carved pumpkins with my sister and her family Monday night. 

Jackson and I's (the pumpkins we grew that weren't stolen!):

Group shot (Sean's is third from the right)

Before trick-or-treating we had dinner with Ogdens, Tiptons, and Knights. It was a great start to the night! We made "witches brew" with dry ice and the kids thought it was pretty awesome.

This year we had Spider-Man

and Bam-Bam
I thought they both looked pretty handsome.  

Bam-Bam was also joined by his girlfriend, Pebbles. They were so cute I could hardly stand it.

Lots of cute costumes and friends!

Jackson and his best buddy, Dax. How awesome is the robot costume Kristol made?!

And I am throwing this picture in because Sean and I were laughing at Bode photo bombing in the background.


After collecting (and eating) lots of candy

Hope you had a happy Halloween!


Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Love the spiderman muscles! And these pics of Bode are just too cute! Looks like a great Halloween. Definitely more fun when you get to dress up cute kids!

Sylvia said...

The Pumpkin carving is awesome! Love the costumes, looks like everyone had a great time!