Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jackson is 4!

How is our baby boy 4 years old?! Four seems so much older to me than three! How grateful we are for our Jackson. 

Some notes about Jackson as he turns 4:
-Loves superheros and his favorite is Spiderman
-Favorite movies are Polar Express and Nightmare Before Christmas
-Favorite foods: spaghetti, pepperoni pizza, cheesy bread, grilled cheese sandwiches, green beans (one of these is not like the other…haha)
-Is always taking his shirt off like Tarzan
-Hates being hot. When he is too warm he says, "It is hot in my nose!" referring to the warm air blowing in the car.
-Wants to snuggle every night before bed. We always talk about our favorite part of the day.
-Loves preschool and primary
-Favorite color is green
-Fearless on rides and roller coasters, but does not like being taken off guard with loud noises like fireworks
-Has a sensitive and loving personality
-Very protective brother who is always watching out for Bode and making sure he doesn't wander

Jackson is so excited about his birthday this year and has been talking about having a super hero birthday party for months. As I did last year, I went through our photos and picked out my favorites of Jackson from the past year. I realize there are about a billion pictures here, but as I said last year, this is sort of a gift to myself. 

Here they are in the best chronological order I can remember!

Happy birthday buddy. We love you to the moon!


Curt Wakefield said...

Happy Birthday to Jackson! What a cool little dude! Pretty cute too! You had some awesome pictures in there. Love the garbage truck, temple and train window ones. He looks like one happy little guy. What a life:)!

lramey said...

every.single.picture.adorable. what a sweet darling boy!

Sylvia said...

Thanks for all the photos ... love them all!