Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ski day

After a melt down at the base of Sundance last year and not even making it to the bunny hill, Jackson has been showing a lot of interest in skiing as of late. He kept telling us he wanted to try skiing again when he was "four". Well, I wasn't so sure how it would go because last year's experience really was quite epic. He kept saying he wanted to go, so Sean was brave and took him back up to Sundance yesterday morning. Sean's mom (who has been a ski instructor) gave him some pointers the night before.

There were a few reservations in the beginning...

But not only did he make it to the bunny hill, he skied down it a few times!

Working on his "french fry" and "pizza pie"

He came home smiling and proud of himself and said he wants to go again. I'm so proud of him! 

Sean brought Jackson home at lunch and then he and I went back up to Sundance to ski the last half of the day together. I never even made it skiing last year so I was really excited. Sean got new skis this year (I have only ever known him as a snowboarder) and it was a lot of fun to see him on skis!

The snow was great and there was a lot of powder at the top. This was my favorite run.
Skiing helps me feel not so old! 

It was really cold at the end of the day, but we had a great time and it was worth freezing our butts off!


Chelsey said...

Such a cute family!!

Sylvia said...

I surely do miss the skiing! Phooey!

Sylvia said...

I surely do miss the skiing! Phooey!