Monday, December 9, 2013

Our first real Christmas tree

Sean and I have always had a fake, pre-lit Christmas tree. Ours is pretty small and has traveled with us since the first Christmas we've been married. We bought it as poor college students and it served us well throughout the years. 

In our new house we have vaulted ceilings in the family room where we wanted to put our tree. Our trusty fake one would have looked pretty small. We've always wanted to try cutting one down and decided this was as good a year as any to try it. 

Sean and our friend Darren woke up insanely early one morning in November and made the drive to Heber to get in line for a tree permit. The number of permits is limited and Sean estimated there were already around 700 people in front of them by the time they got there. Lucky for us, their drive and sacrifice of sleep was not in vain!

We decided to go cut our tree down the weekend before Thanksgiving since we weren't quite sure when Davis would be arriving. We drove up past Heber in what looked like a winter wonderland and searched a few spots before finding "the one".

Unfortunately, this is the only picture we got-- I should have taken one before we cut the tree down!

Here is our tree all decorated!

I love having a tall tree! This one is about 12 feet. It is sort of Charlie Brown in spots, but honestly, that is my favorite kind. I think we will continue the real-tree thing for awhile :)

I had some fun taking a few pictures of Davis in front of the tree the other night. Here are my favorite: 

It sounds corny, but these pictures give me a sense of peace and reverence. I just love the purity and innocence of babies. Love this little guy and loving this time of year!


Curt Wakefield said...

Such a cute tree! We love when we get around to chopping down our own tree! This year we just bought a real one from costco but it is still beautiful. Little Davis is adorable. Love the pictures you took of him. Can't believe you captured a smile already! You are pretty awesome with the camera!

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

I am so in love with your Christmas is SO fun! Real trees are definitely the best. I love the smell and the uniqueness and really everything about them. Your pics of Davis are stunning...great photography and beautiful baby!! So fun.