Sunday, January 5, 2014

Jackson turns 5!

Our New Year's boy turned 5 this year! He's been talking about his birthday party since summer :) He went from wanting a Transformers party to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I was pretty relieved when he changed his mind because I know a lot more about Ninja Turtles!

Because Ninja Turtles love pizza, we thought it fitting to have a pizza party!

After pizza, we headed down to the basement and played what we called the "punch game." Each boy punched through one of the holes in the box and claimed the prize inside-- a Ninja Turtle mask in one of the four colors.

After they each had a mask, it was time for the piñata. Jackson really didn't have many requests for his party, but having a piñata was one! He was SO excited and made me promise he would get to go first since he was the birthday boy. I guess the beauty of having an unfinished basement is it is great for stuff like this!

Grabbing the loot!

After the piñata it was on to presents.

Then cake!
Usually I make and decorate a cake for our boys for their birthdays. This year I decided I needed to simplify with all of the craziness of having a new baby, family in town, and holidays. Jackson was just as excited to pick out a cake from the store and I was spared the extra time and energy from making one! 

Finally, we turned on an episode of Ninja Turtles and let the boys hang out until their parents came to pick them up. 

Jackson told me he loved his party. I am happy he is happy (and truthfully, sort of relieved it is over). It was the last "big" thing I had to plan this the holiday season.

We finished his birthday with dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory with nana and papa, who were flying back to the east coast the next day. Both Jackson and Bode were pretty tired by that point, but the food and company were great and it was a good way to wrap up the day.

Happy birthday to you, Jackson! We love you!!!


Grant and Taryn Layton said...

This party looks awesome! The ninja turtle balloons on the chairs is my favorite part :) Good work. I can't believe you did all of this with a new baby and the holidays. Good work! Miss you.

JCLS said...

Ahhh! So fun and such cute idea with the balloons! You are such a fun Mom and I really would love for you to come decorate our new house... :)