Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Two months

Somehow, our little Davis is already two months old. He's already changed so much in his first nine weeks of life! 

Here are his stats:
Height: 93%  24" (He's grown 4.5" in two months!)
Weight: 83% 13.5 lbs 
Head: 45%

I tried playing photographer one morning just a week or so after Davis was born in hopes I could get some cute newborn pictures and something to use for our Christmas card/birth announcement. Here are some of my favorites!

A few weeks later, I decided to have some fun taking pictures in front of the Christmas tree. I love bokeh and thought these pictures were so sweet. I loved having a newborn to snuggle at Christmas.

And I'm just throwing this in because I love this picture of my mom and Davis.
Seeing these pictures makes me realize I need to get my real camera out again. It also makes me miss our tree!

The rest of these are some favorites from my cell phone over the last few months:

Only one week old in this one!

So grateful for this little guy.

Davis at two months:
-Smiles and coos all the time. I swear he has been smiling since only a week or two old. Call it gas or whatever you want, but after nursing and when half asleep, he crinkles his nose and does a side smile (as evidenced in the picture above where he is wearing the blue and white striped PJs)
-Smacks his lips 
-Always craning his head and neck back so he can look around and see more of his surroundings
-Stares intently at patterns and loves light
-Focusing more on specific objects, such as faces and his mobile on his swing
-Sleeps for 4-5 hour stretches. Mom is dreaming of a full night's sleep!
-Such a sweet little personality. Hardly ever cries hard. Usually he only lets out a little yelp unless he is really tired.
-Rarely spits up. I can count on one hand the number of times he has!
-Enjoys bath time

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