Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First day of school

The big day finally arrived, and both boys were ready! Thankfully, both boys started school on the same day this year. 

My big first grader!

I put the thought of Jackson going to all-day school out of my mind for most of the summer. I was so excited for him, but it was a little bittersweet too. He is my oldest, and the thought of him being gone for a good majority of every day was a little overwhelming. I actually was doing great until the night before his first day, when I was packing his lunch. It struck me that we wouldn't be eating lunch together anymore and I just started sobbing. Not a sad cry, just a change is hard and moving forward cry. :) I knew he'd do great and have no problem and would be so happy to be back in school, but I knew we'd entered a new phase. Since I'd had a good cry the night before, I managed to drop him off tear free. It was impossible to be sad when I saw how excited he was and how happy he was to see his friends on the playground. He came home from his first day just glowing and has loved going to school every day since. He is especially excited about recess on the big playground and lunch at school.

Bode started his last year of preschool this year (or pre-k) and was also so excited. I think he might have been most excited about wearing his new shoes! :) He is so eager to learn how to read like his older brother and I know he'll be great. I'm glad I have a couple more school years until he is gone every day.

He came home from his first day so happy and has been excited to go ever since. I'm so glad they are both enjoying it so far!

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