Monday, August 24, 2015

One last summer trip

Realizing summer was coming to an end, we decided to make one more trip up to Island Park before school began. Sean was able to take a few days off of work, so we were able to stay for several days. We lucked out with beautiful weather and had such a great trip. 

On our way into Island Park we spotted this huge owl! We think it was a Great Gray.

View on one of my daily walks

Stop at Howard Springs on our way into Yellowstone

Picnic at Firehole. There was a sneaky little chipmunk who stole the entire top off of Bode's sandwich! The boys thought it was so funny and are still talking about it. 

We all swam in the calmer water and had fun sitting on top of the small waterfalls. A little later, the older two boys both decided to be brave and jump in the rapids for the first time with Sean.

They both were a bit nervous at first, but once they tried it they wanted to do it over and over. 

We had to throw Davis in for a picture with the rest of the boys!

View from above the calm part of Firehole. Sean and the older two are swimming in the middle.

There were several daily trips in the hot tub at the cabin.

That night, our family took a four-wheeler ride to the top of Mt. Sawtelle and on our way we saw a couple of moose.

And at the top we saw a fox!

... and Sean saw a giant rock chuck!
Quite the wildlife spotting this trip.

 Breakfast at Campfire Lodge:

Exploring an old stagecoach stop

Keeping Davis entertained

Sean had his metal detector out, and Davis was helping him dig for treasure. :)

Exploring the stream on the property 

Jackson and Bode found some cool rocks for their collection.

Bode was pretty wiped out at dinner that night and spent about 45 minutes dead asleep, just like this :)

Four wheeler ride with Jackpot

Our attempt at fishing-- unfortunately the fish outsmarted us!

Best buds and cousins making s'mores

Sean and my dad fly fishing on the Madison

Watching Mr. Peabody and Sherman projected onto a sheet in the cabin

Canoeing on Henry's Fork

Even in mid August I was already starting to feel a hint of fall in the air. Strange to think the holiday season will be here before we know it. We always have so much fun at the cabin and it was the perfect way to conclude our summer.

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