Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bode's birthday party

With Bode's birthday being so close to my due date, we had his party a few weeks early this year. It proved to be a wise choice since I had Molly a few days before his birthday!

Bode was really excited about the idea of taking a few friends to go see the movie "Zootopia" at the movie theatre. I was excited too because it sounded easy! 

We got a big popcorn for the kids to share, and they were excited to have a few treats. They were all so good during the movie! They all stayed put and everyone seemed to like the show.

After the movie we headed back to our house for cake and presents. I thought the cake turned out really cute! No grocery store had a "Zootopia" cake, but I thought Macey's did an awesome job making this one!

Bode loved it, too! :)

I'm so glad Bode was still able to have a party and feel special for his birthday! Love this big 5-year-old!

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