Sunday, July 3, 2016

Boys Moab trip

The same weekend Molly and I headed to Idaho to sew her blessing dress, Sean and the boys took off to Moab for a boys weekend. Part of the reason Sean traded in his old car and bought his SUV is because he wanted to be able to take the boys off-roading. The boys had been talking about going forever and they were so excited.

Sean said it was a busy weekend in Moab. Even though they left fairly early, the place he had in mind for camping was already full. Luckily they ended up finding a spot behind a RV park. It was under power lines, but they were able to use indoor plumbing, so that was a perk! They camped for two nights and spent the majority of their time doing two trails: Fins n Things and 7-mile Rim. 

Thankfully even though it was a busy weekend, the trails weren't crowded. Both trails are rated "difficult" in the guide book. I wasn't sure how the boys would react, but Sean said they absolutely loved it. 

Sean bought the Lexus equivalent of a Land Cruiser, and when I asked how it did on the trails, he said it "performed beautifully." lol :)

When they were on the trails, I guess Jackson kept saying, "Look at these views!" and kept telling Sean to take pictures everywhere so they could show me when they got home. 

When the boys needed to get out and stretch their legs (and when they weren't in a dangerous spot), Sean let them get out of the car and they had fun running around and chasing lizards. Some close family friends also went and all the kids seemed to have a blast hanging out together. 

Uranium Arch

The boys thought this nest was really cool.

I thought for sure none of them would get any sleep, but Sean said they all slept really well!

For dinner one night Sean bought them all cup-of-noodles (they had never had them before) and I guess it was a huge hit!

It really sounded like they had the time of their lives. I am so glad they got to have a boys weekend and I am so grateful for a husband who genuinely loves spending time with his kids and will do things like this with them. This is just the first of many trips to come, I'm sure!

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