Sunday, July 17, 2016

Scout Falls

A few weeks ago we hiked as a family up to Scout Falls in American Fork Canyon. It was gorgeous and ended up being such a fun afternoon.  We saw lots of wild flowers-- some I had never seen before!

It was about 3.5 miles round trip and all of the kids did great. I carried Molly in her baby wrap and Sean carried Davis in the backpack. The kids loved crossing over water in several spots on the trail. Bode was getting sort of tired on the way up, but as soon as we came to water, he got so excited and didn't complain the rest of the way. We even ran into two different sets of friends/neighbors on the trail which was a fun surprise!

These flowers growing out of the rocks were so pretty.

The falls were beautiful. We kept saying it looked like something you would see in Hawaii. 

It was a fun afternoon and we will definitely be back. I love that we live within minutes of places like this!

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