Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Labor Day weekend

We toyed back and forth with the idea of going back up to Island Park for Labor Day weekend, and in the end decided to go. We never regret it, and it ended up being a really great trip!

One of my favorite parts of the trip was waking up early one morning and going on a hike with just Sean and I, while my parents stayed with the kids at the cabin. I love hiking with our whole family, but it was so nice not having to carry anyone or listen to anyone complain about being tired! We just hiked a trail by the cabin, near the summit of Mount Sawtell. 

It was a chilly morning! After a long, hot summer, the cool temperatures felt awesome.

I am sort of a rock hound and really wanted to lug this little boulder home. You can't tell how big it is in the picture, but it was probably the size of a basketball and so pretty!

The entire weekend was fairly cool, but we did get in some fun rides on the four-wheelers. I love Davis as a little bobble head in his helmet.

On Sunday we decided to head into Montana and pick chokecherries. We were hoping they would be ripe and there would be some left, and we scored big on both counts!

Some of the trees had been picked clean, but we found this tree that was completely loaded and looked like it hadn't been touched!

Bode, Davis, and Molly stayed in the car for the most part because it was raining, but Jackson was way into it and picked the entire time.

Back at the cabin and lounging with dad

I had fun dressing Molly in some of her cooler weather outfits. She is starting to discover her hands and feet more and is starting to play with toys a little bit. 

I love watching these two together.

Quick pit stop in Idaho Falls on our way back home

I borrowed my mom's steamer/juicer and juiced all of the chokecherries when we got home. 

That's a lot of juice!

The fruits of our labors! I'm looking forward to many bowls of ice cream topped with chokecherry syrup!

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