Friday, October 14, 2016

Molly 6 months

Well, somehow Molly is another month older and here we are at 6 months! She's continues to keep growing up on us, but I love this age so much, it makes it more sweet than bitter.

This month:
-Started eating more solid foods. Loves sweet potatoes and bananas.
-Doing better at napping and will often fall asleep on her own instead of having to be rocked to sleep.
-Loves holding on to her toes and putting everything in her mouth.
-Enjoys playing with little toys and rattles.
-More vocal and chattering a little bit more.

Molly jumped up in her height percentage since her last visit-- that's our girl! :)

My favorite pictures this month:

Oh, I love my squishy babies!

Laying on a warm pile of laundry:

Photos from our little 6-month photo shoot:

I think she looks so sweet in this one.

I realize the next several are basically the same picture, but each of her expressions were so cute, it was impossible for me to take any out.

Toes taste good :)

One of my favorites, ever.

I just really love her eyes in these close ups!

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