Saturday, November 12, 2016

Molly 7 months

I really cannot believe how fast these monthly posts come around. Here we are at 7 months for our Molly girl!

Some notes about Molly at 7 months:
- After giving up on her ever taking a pacifier, she randomly took it one afternoon and decided she loves it! It has been so nice and a huge help with nap time.
-She's an awesome eater. Some of her favorite foods include: refried beans, rice, mashed potatoes, applesauce, bananas, and she LOVES ice cream.
-Always sleeps on her right side with her neck stretched way up.
-Loves snuggling with her dad in the morning.
-Likes to blow raspberries.
-Plays in her crib happily for quite awhile when she wakes up.
-Can sit up on her own for a little bit, but isn't quite sturdy enough for longer periods of time.
-Getting pretty good with coordination and picking things up.
-Constantly trying to grab whatever is around her.
-More and more of her personality is coming though which is a lot of fun. She loves games and attention.
-Gets the cutest look on her face when she is concentrating on something.
-Easily entertained and quick to smile.

My favorite photos from the month:

Trying on different outfit options for pictures

Wearing the cute hat my friend Krista knit for her...

...which kept her warm on our trip to Park City!

Fast asleep

Trying on her brothers' Butterball costume-- too big for this little turkey ;)

With me at the end of the half marathon I ran in honor of her :)

Halloween! She was the cutest little unicorn there ever was.

First time in the jumper

Love waking up to her big smiles in the morning.

Our 7-month photo shoot :)

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